Friday, February 27, 2009

Top Comedy Twitter-ers

Comedy Central Insiders just released its top 100 Twitter accounts for funny times. Was I on the list? No. Did I want to be on the list? Of course. Should I have been? Not even a little. Still, there were some glaring omissions and some horrible inclusions. (I won't get into it but some people haven't updated Twitter since they signed up for the account and got on because they are funny in real life.) 

I feel that Twitter is a great place to write some funny short thoughts and the following people take it beyond just a what-they're-doing-right-now tweet and should be recognized. If you don't follow these people, you should.
If you think, well these are just your friends, of course you put them up, you should know that I don't really know most of them. Some I've never even met. If you know of anyone else that I should be following, leave a comment.


Mo Diggs said...

Aw shucks that's awful nice! Thanks for the plug!

Aparna said...

You are making my beak blush! Chirp chirp! Time to go follow!

Workforced said...

I know this is a very old post but I'd like to put myself forward as a funny twitterer. My username is @job_blows and I write the office comedy blog Workforced (


Don Joe

Anonymous said...

For those that love puns try @tonycowards