Monday, February 2, 2009

My Top Five Super Bowl Ads

Before I catch up on daily vacation blogs, I thought I would throw in my favorite ads from the Super Bowl. It seems like every year the selections get worse. I hate saying that because I feel like I come off as a stuck up comedy snob but the ads were rough this year.

I will be ranking the funniest so this eliminates the awesome movie ads (G.I. Joe!, Transformers 2, Monsters vs. Aliens, Up, Land of the Lost!) and the nice ads (Usama Young).

Honorable Mention: A special shout out goes to the guys at Front Page Films who were a finalist in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. The following ad aired during pregame but should have aired during the Super Bowl. Still, awesome job to them.

So, here we go:

5. Pepsuber

Pepsuber comes in at number 5 only because it first aired during SNL the previous day. I love MacGruber and throwing in the real MacGuyver only makes it better. It should go higher but it gets penalized for airing pre-Super Bowl.

4. Doritos: Crystal Ball

I still think Front Page Films should have won but this one was really funny. Some of the other ads were funny but crystal ball in the groin had crystal ball in the groin.

3. Cash 4 Gold

At first, this made me uncomfortable like when Dick Clark does New Year's Eve but it turned out to not be serious and maybe that's why I enjoyed it. The guy drinks gold. That can't be good for you. Right? Right?

2. Bud Light: Conan

Is anything with Conan good? Yes! Still, this was well done. With his tie-in to looking like the current female Prime Minister, Sweden was the way to go. It all worked and he's amazing.

1. Monster: Need a new job?

It was so simple and it made me laugh. Sometimes that's all it takes. Well done, Monster! I mean, the butt's by his face. Seriously, it's right there.

Final thoughts on other commercials:

E*Trade - The talking baby has to stop. The dialogue is actually funny but the baby is too annoying to let it be.

Cheetos - New, non-cartoon Chester is the creepiest thing ever. I can't sleep at night. He looks like George Burns and Pauly Walnuts got it on.

Firestone - It's nice that you used Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head but you brought nothing new comedically to them. Did these people never watch Toy Story 1 or 2?

Budweiser - I was thankful the Clydesdales weren't playing football this year but I can't take the anthropomorphism. Horses should do horse things like poop in the street or finish fourth after LEADING THE RACE FOR THE WHOLE TIME UNTIL THE LAST FURLONG, YOU STUPID-


Mo Diggs said...

Like the MacGruber ad, though I must admit the explosion at end is creepier without laughter.

Anonymous said...

the macGruber was on Saturday Night Live last Saturday. Most of the bit.

Kevin Tor said...

Oh, Anonymous, why don't you read the whole blog? That's why I ranked it 5.

Mo - So much creepier.

JPB said...

Conan's wicked-funny.

Jim said...

Conan wasn't the funniest tho ....

JPB said...

Why are most "Anonymous" people asshats?