Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Live Blogging My 30th Birthday

8:42 - I'm officially 30 now. My 20s are behind me. I see good things, especially if it's filled with all the wonderful people that wished me well today. Take care. Live blogging out. Happy New Year, All!

7:15 - I think I need to get a yard and a porch so I can yell at kids if they get too close.

6:49 - I think I've used more exclamation points today than in my previous 30 years. I don't think my aging heart can take this much textual excitement. It better not keep up.

6:37 - My cool birthday gift is that News Askew, the official news website for all things Kevin Smith have recognized my 30s porn and put it on their site.

I can't begin to describe how much this means to me and that it got posted on my birthday is incredible. I love Kevin Smith so much (So why don't I marry him? Grow up.) and the fact that he may see it is just too much to process. I made the video in the hopes of this happening. I'm very happy with the over 10000 views on YouTube but this is what it was all about. Happy Birthday, me!

6:35 - My birth time was 8:42 PM so I am not officially 30. Still I feel 30. I'm just waiting for the announcement of three of my favorite bands from college doing a concert together at the local arts center.

6:16 - Home from the doc. The dogs are walked. Moved twitter updates here. Will continue updates after I thank everyone on Facebook.

- I miss my couch.

4:46 - I got it. Doogie ending: Smirk. But going to the doctor can add a bigger chunk onto the end. Nope. That sucked. Damn.

4:35 - This is a significant chunk of my birthday in a doctor's office. Um...I'm trying to have smirking epiphany like Doogie Howser.

4:25 - Rob Thomas, I have to ask you to leave my bday. You're going to have to be lonely for a little more. I refuse to bop along.

3:52 - Bad Day is playing in the waiting room. I can honestly say with the facebook love, I have not had one. Thanks all.

3:46 - I got a really cool birthday gift that I am going to be mysterious about until I can have more than 140 spaces to talk.

3:40 - I'm actually at the podiatrist. I apologize for the cheap ass joke but if this guy touches my bum...there will be words.

3:35 - At the doctor as you should be on your 30th bday. Its times like these I wish my prostate was on the outside of my body.

2:30 - I'm leaving birthday lunch +52 in my bad cholesterol and going dark like Jack Bauer for an hour or so.

1:50 - They changed the chicken tenders at fridays. They taste like chicken mcnuggets now. I should have just licked the floor.

1:25 - The whole party is here now so we can celebrate fridays style. They checked my id and Joe was angry they did not realize it was my birthday despite his "read the date" blatant nudges.

1:05 - I got my girly drink and my friends are here. Wendy got engaged. Congrats to Wendy and Eric.

12:50 - I'm glad Guy Fieri is a meal chef guru for Fridays now and not the lead singer of Smash Mouth.

12:23 - I'm at Fridays waiting for my friends to show. This is probably the best way to kick off my 30s health-wise.

11:50 - On the road. Next update at the restaurant otherwise my wife will kill me for texting and driving.

11:46 - when I got out of the shower, I only put deodorant on one pit. Is this the first sign of senility? Sigh.

11:27 - Ok, first we have a correction. I forgot about a gchat birthday wish so number 30 was Bill Franke. Well done, Bill. Next, my wife called to wish me "Happy Birthday." Yay, the suspense is over. She claims a Facebook status earlier in the morning but I doubt it. Not even worth checking. Also, a new comment from "Anonymous" on this blog entry states "My husband is a jerk." Weird. Some poor wife must have gone through to same thing on her birthday and wants me to know I'm not alone. Alright, I am off to birthday lunch with some friends. I will be liveblogging over at Twitter (follow me) and on Facebook statuses until I get home. Thanks for reading.

11:00 - Now I'm getting in the shower but number 30 came in and it wasn't wifey. Thanks, Holly.

10:54 - Getting in the shower. Maybe I'll leave one spot unwashed so I can smell the last of my 20s stank whenever I want.

10:50 - I figured it out. My wife is waiting to be the 30th person to wish me Happy Birthday on my 30th birthday which takes place on the 30th. She's so sweet.

10:26 - Time to pick up more poo. I feel like the plastic bag is not enough buffer.

10:17 - My wife is fine. She's just making me sweat it out.

10:14 - Why does HBO hate me? I checked their lineup for the day and it includes Racing Stripes and Firehouse Dog. I hate when animals do things like talk or fight fires. And Showtime has Charlotte's Web. That's just great. Thanks, Starz. I guess Daddy Day Camp (the sequel Eddie Murphy considered not good enough to do) is my premium channel movie gift.

10:05 - I just sent my wife an email to make sure she made it to work. I don't want to be the bastard that is complaining about no birthday wishes when something terrible happened to her. Still, she could have wished it before she left and something terrible happened. 

9:57 - Sportscenter is doing a piece about Tiger Woods and LeBron James because they were also both born today. The piece is entitled "Great Birthdays." I was not included but I also don't play a sport. It wouldn't make sense. Still, both are endorsed by Nike. I think I should at least get a pair of sneakers from Nike for being born today. Stupid giant sports apparel and equipment company! Recognize, Nike!

9:53 - I find that I like Rob Thomas more. Not even Matchbox 20 but Rob Thomas solo. Is this part of turning 30? I don't want it. I have this urge to download "Streetcorner Symphony" but I'm fighting it. I don't want my iTunes recommendations to say "You may also enjoy Propecia, Rectal Exams, and Jon Secada."

9:40 - Let's get back to this porn twin. I'm going to assume that my smut doppelganger is in hetero porn. I have a gay twin and that's Norman from the first Real World. So there are videos out there with someone who looks a lot like me doing it up with porn ladies (maybe at the same time?). I've said this before in one of my Tor's Take vlogs: I'm not a porn guy. But I think I would watch someone who looks like me in a porn (probably no more than once unless I give a tremendous performance). For most straight guys, watching a porn is weird because you have to see some dude grunting and groaning over the girl but what if you were the dude? Ignore the narcissistic undertones, that's gotta be better. Right? Still pondering.

9:30 - Now I'm sad that my wife doesn't read my blog. I mean if I had to pick the one person who visits my blog every day, it would be her. I guess I was wrong.

8:55 - My wife loves me. I know she does but the Astrology spam in my yahoo email wished me Happy Birthday before her now. Spam, boo? Really?

8:35 - One of my dear friends, Jenn Rolnick-something-else wished me Happy Birthday and said I was her rock star mostly because I perform on stage and make creative things that some people enjoy. I do appreciate that but I am not a rock star nor can I ever become one. For one, I don't think I can ever be confident enough to stop singing and assume the crowd will take over the song while I hold the mic towards them. How awkward would it be if 40000 people just stared back at you with "Why did he stop singing?" looks. Also, I would probably stop everything in the middle of my ballad if I saw lighters or cell phones swaying and ask them to stop immediately and then scold them about how they should know better. Besides that, I hate bus rides and leather. 

8:15 - I checked my latest video on YouTube because I'm obsessed with reading comments even though they are supposed to roll off my back. My friend Maryanne said that when she turned 30, she stopped caring about what other people thought. It shut off like a switch or like when Sylvester Stallone turns his hat around in Over the Top but I don't think that happened. Still, the latest comment was from Blovinjack:

"WAIT isnt this guy a porn star? like fo reals?"

I am not a porn star but I am curious to see my porn twin. Having a porn twin would be sweet because...well, I don't know why but I have all day to think about it. On How I Met Your Mother, Ted Mosby finds out that there's a porn star that uses his name as his porn name. I'm not sure what's better: seeing your name on a porn box or your face.

8:01 - I watched my wife put her coat on and kiss me goodbye. There were no hidden Happy Birthday messages on that kiss. That kiss goodbye could have happened on August 5th. What's the deal? I know the jig is up when she sees this but I'm up to 17 Facebook people wishing me Happy Birthday before her. Sad, wifey. Sad.

7:56 - My wife just yelled out from the bathroom.

Hey baby?


What time is it?

7:54 - Facebook has wished me a Happy Birthday before my wife.

7:25 - Got up, walked the dogs and picked up poop, had a glass of Metamucil. This is how every 30th birthday probably begins. Stared at my wife awkwardly before I walked the dogs but she did not wish me a Happy Birthday. Maybe after she gets out of the shower.

Monday, December 29, 2008

#1 Featured Comedy on U.S. YouTube

First Canada, now my own country. It looks so nice like that. I really can't say enough about Ces and Sara and all the wonderful comments I've gotten. Thanks to the guys at YouTube for featuring it. It means so much.
As Ron Burgundy suggests, I will "drink it in."

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fornication Talkie #1 Featured Video in Canada!!!

Our great friends to the north have given me an early Christmas present. Thanks Canada! Happy Holidays to you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zachariah and Millicent Make a Fornication Talkie

Do you ever wonder what would happen if Kevin Smith made movies in the 30s and not today? Well, then you're obviously not me...or from Jersey.

If I could ever have something labeled a passion project on YouTube, this would be it. I'm a huge Kevin Smith fan and I hope through the magic of the internet, he will see this one day. I write comedy because of him.

Special thanks to the amazing Sara Benincasa (who is so much more than Sarah Palin) and the incomparable Francesco Marciuliano (who is not capable of being compared to things).

Written by Kevin Tor
Directed by Francesco Marciuliano

Tor's Holiday Gifts: My Name Is Earl

For the cast of My Name Is Earl, I would get the following:
  • Earl - For Karma to keep doing what it's doing
  • Randy - A pop-up book version of Earl's list for better understanding
  • Joy - A pink and sparkly "World's Greatest Mom" shirt with matching hair accessories
  • Crab Man - Membership into The Office's "Finer Things Club"
  • Catalina -Dr. Scholl's insoles for her platform stripper boots
  • Mr. Turtle - Placement into the bottom of a large salad bowl that would then be filled with salad

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tor's Holiday Gifts: House

For the cast of House, I would get the following:
  • House - The Jimmy shoes from Seinfeld so he can work out that leg and lose the cane
  • Cuddy - A Baby Bjorn big enough to hold House
  • Wilson - With his girlfriend dying and all, he really needs to keep busy so a couple of new kinds of cancer
  • Thirteen - For the cure for Huntington's to be sex with a black man
  • Foreman - Diagnosis contest with House (first to 10 correct diagnoses wins)
  • Kutner - A newly opened fifth spot on The Doctors
  • Taub - A new sports car that doesn't cause you to admit to infidelity and is electric blue
  • Cameron - A terminal illness to befall Chase so she can get really turned on by him
  • Chase - A terminal illness with the longest life expectancy

Tor's Holiday Gifts: Gossip Girl

For the cast of Gossip Girl, I would get the following:

  • Serena - An ace bandage so she can wrap her breasts Hilary Swank in Boys Don't Cry-style and get them down to a normal feminine contour and a turtleneck
  • Blair - For Chuck to recreate the opening scene of Sweet Home Alabama
  • Nate - A new dad
  • Chuck - Rangers puck signed by the whole team and Nate's new dad if it doesn't work out with Nate
  • Jenny - Placebos to replace the Ritalin they obviously put her on when she came back home after being on the verge of emancipating herself
  • Dan - First edition copies of Ulysses and Dubliners by James Joyce and a new pair of pants to change into after he unwraps the books
  • Rufus - A world tour with Jesse and the Rippers*
  • Lily - Backstage passes to above world tour
  • Eric - More backstage passes
  • Dorota - A free pass to do or say anything she wants to the Waldorfs**

* - Yesss!

** - I would like this to be youtubed.

Tor's Holiday Gifts: How I Met Your Mother

For the cast of How I Met Your Mother, I would get the following:
  • Robin - DeGrassi: The Complete Series on DVD and a case of Molson
  • Ted - A time machine to go to the future and see who his wife is so he can stop all of his searching and end the frustration of those watching at home (seriously, the show is so good that the identity of the mother has taken a back seat)
  • Marshall - A non-profit job that pays like a profit job
  • Barney - Using Ted's time machine (after he does to be fair), I would go back in time and bring back Robin Sparkles because if there is anything Barney loves more than regular Robin, it's jailbait Robin
  • Lily - A new pair of boots and a book on lying effectively

Friday, December 19, 2008

Betty Crocker Kid

It's my Godfather 2. Well, maybe Matrix Reloaded.

You can watch the original as well.

Funny Stuff That Ain't Mine: Drew Carey on Price Is Right

First, watch this up until you are informed to control the pet population. Then, the video has an extra 50 seconds of credits that aren't necessary.

It's the first time it's happened in almost 40 years and that's his reaction?!? C'mon, Drew Carey. I know you don't want to kill any old people with any sudden jumps in volume but this is one of those situations where it's ok to drop a few octogenarians. What a disgrace to the skinny mic.

Blogger's note: Apparently, that same guy got the opening bid (the part after you "come on down") exactly right, too. Maybe Drew didn't react because the guy was a ringer.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Cure For The Common Cold

As I sit at my computer not feeling well, I came up with a potential cure for the common cold. I've got nothing better to do and I'd really like to get rid of it. I have to murder Common.

Yup, it's time to take down the Grammy-winning musician and respected actor. I think it's like vampirism. If you kill the original vampire, it returns you back to your non-vampire state. If I'm wrong, I'm no worse off than I was before. I'll still be sick. So how do you kill Common? Silver bullets? I think that's what they hit 50 Cent with and he didn't go down. And Common has been around longer than 50. Wooden stake to the heart? I'm not strong enough to carve a wooden stake right now. Can you buy one?

I'm going to come up with something because this cold may go away but that doesn't mean it can't happen again. And what of my future children? How can I look them in the eyes when they're sick knowing I had the chance to save them from those sniffles? I'm coming for you Common! I'm coming because of little Kevin Junior and adorable little Kevina. I'm coming for all of us.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Going To The Movies: Dexter Morgan

With the season finale last night (don't worry, no spoilers ahead), I thought it would be time for me to get over the experience and post the experience of going to the movies with Dexter Morgan. As you will see, it was traumatic and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get through the transcripts while editing. However, I'm stronger than I thought. Dexter and I went to see Step Brothers over the summer.

Before the transcripts begin, I want to point out that Dexter drove as I didn't want to rent a car for my short duration in Miami. He picked me up at the airport and we headed to the theater. Once the movie was over, we got back in his car. He turned the car on and turned towards me claiming to need something from the back seat. I felt a prick on my neck and then everything went from clear to fuzzy to black.

I open my eyes and wait for things to come into focus. An amorphous shape moves around me. I can't move my body. I appear to be strapped down and it's very cold. Once my vision returns, I see I'm in one of Dexter's kill rooms. I'm naked and held down with saran wrap. I see nicely-framed pictures of Kramer from Seinfeld, Karen from Will and Grace, Coach Lubbock from Just the Ten of Us, and the Noxzema Girl from when she was on Earth 2. Dexter walks into view. He stares at me for an uncomfortably long amount of time.

Ok, just wait a second.

Do you recognize these people?

Yeah, they were all on TV.

What else?

Uh...Oh crap, I had all of those people on Going To The Movies over the years.

That's right. But there's more. On May 8, 1998, you went to see Deep Impact with Cosmo Kramer.

Yeah, he didn't like Morgan Freeman as President.

Good memory. On May 12, 2006, you went to see Keeping Up With The Steins with Karen Walker.

We both thought Jeremy Piven deserved better.

Stop talking. On April 28, 1990, you went to see Cry Baby with Graham Lubbock and on May 27, 1995, you went to see Johnny Mnemonic with Bess Martin. Does all of that ring a bell?

Yes. Are you going to kill me?

About one week after you had these people on your little show, their respective shows went off the air. Is that a coincidence?

Yes. Umm...the first two shows had already decided they were done long before we went to the movies and the last two were just not popular with the public.

Dexter stands there processing what Kevin just said.

Are you doing the inner monologue thing? That works on TV but not so much on this blog. Actually, I think there's a button on my tape recorder for inner monologue. It's a fancy one.

Dexter goes over to the recorder, looks at it, and presses a button.

Dexter (V.O.)
-talk his way out of this. This isn't how this was supposed to go.

Please let me go.

So my show's not going off the air after this?

I don't think so. I heard about a two season renewal from Showtime.

Dexter (V.O.)
Two seasons is pretty good but can I let him go? He knows about my process. What would Harry think? Killing him doesn't fit the code that dear old Dad taught me.

There is a long pause.

How does this show work?

Really? You're letting me go? Ok, we went to the movies and now we talk about it. What did you think of Step Brothers?

I didn't really watch it. I spent the whole time playing out your murder in my head.

So you didn't find it engaging. Ok...I felt it was a little short of the brilliance of Anchorman and Talladega Nights but I'm sure with multiple watchings on DVD, it will live up to the talent level involved. There were some very quotable lines in it. Adam Scott was hilarious.

Dexter (V.O.)
Maybe I should kill him.
(out loud)
If you say so.

Do you want to go see it again?

No. That's ok. I have to get back to the station.

Ok. I want to thank Dexter Morgan for being on the show...and not killing me.
(nervous laughter)
I think we will be taking a short break before doing another Going To The Movies as I may need many, many sessions with my therapist. See you soon. Take care.

Dexter cleans up the kill room and walks away. Kevin looks down at his naked, saran-wrapped body.

Are you going to cut me loose? This metal table is really cold. Dexter? Hello?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Funny Stuff That Ain't Mine: Medium Large

I know I've featured this gentleman before but he's been feeling sick lately and I thought he could use the boost of one or two people checking out his new comic. Today's strip is genius. Enjoy Francesco Marciuliano.
I really liked this one because I truly hate "The Polar Express" and its inclusion in our holiday lives.

To see more of his stuff (including his other holiday-related strips), click here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tor's Product Review: Shock Absorber Sports Bra

These sports bras must be fantastic. Just look at them. I took the woman's face out of it to protect her and also because the picture didn't have a face.
I ask you to go to the bra's site. (WARNING: NSFW) Skip the intro, choose a cup size (largest), an activity level (most strenuous) and watch in horror. Once you get over the shock (and juvenile giggles), you may be asking yourself the same thing I am. How many lovely ladies are out there horseback riding with your porn star chests not getting adequate support?

I must say I've learned from this. You should never go running in a regular bra. I think the animation points out how awful that can be. Also, I never realized that women's nipples move around their breasts like they are screensaver icons. Weird. 

All in all, the bra, through the use of animated boob footage, does seem to do its job. I give it the Tor's Product Review seal of approval. 

*Blogger's Note - Special thanks to Dave Metz for showing me this product.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Going To The Movies: Izzie Stevens

Izzie Stevens agreed to get away from Seattle Grace Hospital and go to a movie with me. I flew out Friday night to meet for an afternoon matinee of Four Christmases on Saturday. Izzie continually left to get concessions but never came back with any. She also looked increasingly more unkempt with every return. In all, I would say she saw no more than 45 minutes of the movie.

Izzie, thanks for coming out. 

(runs fingers through hair)
Thanks for having me.

Can I ask you where you went 10 times?

I went for snacks.

You never came back with snacks. Did you eat them in the lobby on your walk back?

(smiles at something to the left)
Yeah, yeah.

Are you listening to me?

(turns back to me)
Of course.

I know you didn't watch most of the movie but what did you think of what you saw?

Izzie ignores the question and laughs off to the left. Kevin stares confused.



Can you ask Denny what he thought of the movie?


Your dead, ex-lover Denny. You see him sitting next to you. You had sex with him many times during the movie in the dirty theater bathroom. Ask him about the movie.

(lots of emotional tears out of nowhere)
How do you know about Denny?

How are you crying so fast? Really? A dead guy? There has to be something wrong with your brain. Like seriously wrong. I'm not a doctor like you but you need a CAT scan. How have you not brought yourself in and had Dr. Shepherd look at you?

Well...I...it just feels really good...you know?

I don't know. I like mingling sexually with alive and real people. Dead and/or imaginary is a deal breaker for me. But I'm sure that's true for all non-sociopaths.

(crying and yelling)

If the clog fits. I can't believe I flew out for this! Let's wrap it up! Four Christmases was the usual point-the-camera-at-Vince-Vaughn-and-let-him-ramble comedy. Aside from some funny lines, it was a waste of time. I'd like to thank Izzie and Denny for being on the show.

I hope something bad happens to you.

Well, if it does and I die, don't feel bad and have sex with me. I'd rather spend the afterlife doing anything else. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Space Beer, Really?

Japan has given us some great stuff: anime, the digital watch, a rhyme for a rap lyric ending with "flash in the pan." Now, they give us something even greater. Space beer. That's right. Space beer. But before you get excited and dream of glass bottles with Saturn's rings impossibly floating on the outside, the beer is "made with barley descended from grains that traveled in outer space." That is cheating. Can we really label this "space beer?" If that is the case, you can call me "Underwater Kevin" because my parents' nether regions were underwater at some point before I was born. Great, thanks a lot, Japan. Now, I'm thinking about my parents and their...(shudder).

Here's the thing, space beer should be brewed in space using the heat left behind by a comet or something equally space hot. At the very least, it should be set up and mounted outside the rocket so the hops boiling happens upon reentry. Six packs should come with a cozy shaped like a moon boot. Upon putting the can down, support legs should extend down and dig themselves into the coffee table (unless moon boot cozy is in use). Space dust should be infused in every can leaving a gritty film in your mouth after you swallow. That space dust film lets you know you're not drinking an impostor space beer like the aforementioned Japanese model. When you drink too much of it, your puke should defy gravity and float up to the sky. Am I wrong? What the hell, Japan? Don't you ever get my hopes up like this again! Ever!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Funny Stuff That Ain't Mine: Prop 8 The Musical

Well, it's more important than funny. Still it's a great job by all involved with a stellar cast and an awesome point. Check it out.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Going To The Movies: Charlie Kelly, Dennis Reynolds, and Mac

I was supposed to go to the movies with Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia but things changed. When I went to Paddy's Pub to pick him up, the gang heard that I was paying and wanted in. Dee drew the short straw and had to stay and watch the bar while Dennis, Mac, and Charlie piled into my Camry.  We went to see Australia and after 200 dollars in concession purchases that I agreed to to stop the endless pleading (consisting solely of the word "dude") in the lobby, we sat down in our seats. We managed to make it halfway through before Dennis and Mac walked out to catch the end of Quantum of Solace.

Australia ended and Charlie, who was openly weeping by the end of the movie, followed me out of the theater to conduct the interview portion of the show. Dennis and Mac were waiting in the parking lot comparing biceps and, from what I overheard, determining the advantages of toned versus jacked.

It's about time. We've been waiting out here forever.

Is this when we conduct the interview? Because I have a lot to say about that crapfest.


Guys, what could you possibly have to say? You walked out on-

Hold that thought. Charlie, are you crying?

(wiping his face)
Me? Crying? You're really funny guys.

I think he's crying.

Yeah, he's definitely crying.

C'mon, guys. It's allergies.


Yup. Seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies. Mac, correct me if I'm wrong.

Absolutely, Dennis.

I'm not a doctor, per se.

No you are not.

But I don't believe there are allergies in Philly in the winter. It would be quite rare.

Very rare indeed.

Guys, leave him alone.

Charlie, you have someone fighting your battles now?

No! I don't need anybody-

I'll fight him.
(gets in karate stance)
I learned some new stuff from the Bond movie.

I'm not going to fight-

Two attractive women walk past. Mac puts his finger up to me.

Hold that thought.

Dennis and Mac walk over to the women. They engage them in conversation and continue to walk through the parking lot with them.

Why don't we do the interview now that they're gone?


I saw that the movie tugged at your heartstrings.

What are you talking about, dude?

The movie made you cry.

I did not cry at the movie. It was really dusty in there! They should have someone that removes dirt and powder from the ground! What do they call that person? They use soap and brooms. Like what I do at Paddy's in the bathroom.

A janitor?

Whoa, I am not a janitor!

(wipes face in exasperation)
Can we talk about the movie?

Can we agree that I wasn't crying and that I'm not a janitor?


Ok. Great. Overall, I thought the movie was good, you know? The musical numbers were not as awesome as I would have liked. I felt like the key was all off. I'm not sure the name of the key they should have used but it was different, you know, dude? Nicole Kidman would have sounded so much better if she were down another octave, right?

Kevin stares in disbelief.

The love story was totally there, though. I bought it. Like when Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman get all up in each other's faces...and then that kiss. That was true love. 

Wow. Charlie, that may have been the first real review we've ever had on this show. I thought the movie was epic and fantastic as well. I guess that's it for Going To The Movies. I'd like to thank Charlie for being on it. Until next time.
You're a romantic at heart, aren't you Charlie?

Well, there's this waitress that I've had an off and on thing with for a couple of years now. I don't want to say we're soul mates but...

She'd be a fool not to be with you.

Can you tell her that?


Can we go down to the coffee shop and tell the waitress what you just said?


Dammit, dude! I did your show! You said I did the best job of anyone you've had on the show! 

I didn't say that exactly.

It won't take long. Five minutes.

I wouldn't feel comfortable.

Kevin heads for his car. Charlie follows close behind.

Oh you wouldn't feel comfortable? Poor Kevin wouldn't be comfortable?!? You want to know what's not comfortable? Sharing a bed with my maybe dad every night instead of the love of my life!

That's terrible. I'm sorry Charlie.

So you'll do it?


Kevin gets in his car. Charlie tries to open the passenger door but it's locked. He bangs on the window.

(through window)
What the hell, dude?

Thanks for doing the show.

Kevin drives off as Charlie shrinks in the rear view mirror.