Thursday, February 5, 2009

Days Of Our Vacation (Day Four)

Previously on Days Of Our Vacation, Loly and I effectively rid ourselves of monetary burden and sustained ourselves by rationing the turn-down service chocolate squares. 

And now...Days Of Our Vacation:

Awakened at six in the morning by the blaring sound of "Paper Planes" by MIA. I'd like to say that I was doing the worm in slow motion with Seth Rogen when it woke me up but I don't remember dreams so I'm not sure. The music was loud and I tried to go back to sleep when "Paradise City" came next. Axl made sure I stayed awake. The next song was the theme to Phantom of the Opera. What the heck? This next door, 6 AM party mix was weird. What followed was "Piano Man," "Piece of Me" by Britney, "Purple Haze", "Push" by Matchbox 20. I was sitting up and taking notes now. This music list was fascinating. It had to be an iPod going in alphabetical order.

Loly finally gave up and started to get ready to head out. "Ray of Light" came on. No Qs? What's that about? Now it was a game. We were trying to guess what was next. Maybe "Real Love" by Mary J. Blige or "Regulate" by Warren G? Nope, "Rehab." Then, "Respect." When the Johnny Cash version of "Ring of Fire" was followed by the Joaquin Phoenix version, Loly and I threw all of our clothes in our suitcases, folding be damned. Walking to the door, "Rock Your Body" came on so we waited because Loly and I can't get enough JT. Then, we left the room on "Rocket Man." It was a great start to the day.

We get in our rental car and head to the Hoover Dam.

The lady at the parking garage told us to take "all the dam pictures" we want. I'm not sure how she says that with such enthusiasm to every car. Probably a robot. What else is there to do out here once you've seen the dam other than make realistic robopeople? One thing I enjoyed is that there are bathrooms in the dam. I'd like to proudly say I did all the dam pooping I wanted too.

We left the Hoover Dam and drove a long, long time through a whole lot of empty space. At one point, we stopped for a bathroom break at a McDonald's in a town that Loly described as the inspiration for "Cars." Unfortunately, our Toyota Corolla wasn't going to be learning a lesson and saving anybody. We leave there with a mere 90 minutes to go according to TomTom.

90 minutes and one police stop later, we arrive at our hotel at the Grand Canyon. This is the top hotel in the Canyon. You could tell by how the guy who would help us to our room said, "Uh, yeah, it's on the third floor, down the hall and on the left. There's no elevator." Also, by the beds which resemble the back of a Volkswagen in terms of comfort.

That's a biggun'. After having dinner, we went to tiny bed early so we could get up and watch the sunrise over the Canyon and then to head off for Sedona.

Tune in tomorrow for Day Five of Days of our Vacation...


Franke said...

I eagerly await Day 5. As your fake accountant, I would remind you to save all of your receipts, since, like Loly, you too can write off your portion of this trip, since you are writing about it.

Blogger said...

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