Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Days Of Our Vacation (Day Three)

Previously on Days Of Our Vacation, Loly and I learned that black jack is worse than heroin and costs less (as long as you don't take into account the feelings of the people who care about you). Furthermore, I love king crab legs.

And now...Days Of Our Vacation:

This is the Builders Show equivalent of the bathing suit girl at a boat show. I guess they were going for a Heidi on Tool Time vibe. There were about 20 of these sexy girls spread throughout the show. On a side note, I felt weird trying to take this picture, hence the blurriness and overall creepiness. Also, that's my wife's boss' shoulder on the right.

Black Jack called again and Loly and I ignored it but then it called our cell phones and we ignored those too. Then, Black Jack was knocking at our hotel door saying it could hear us and we were sooo busted. So we answered the door and lost more money.

We went to dinner while we still had money and, might I say, the Famous Amos cookies and Wrigley's Spearmint five pack were quite filling. Bravo to the Wynn for having affordable vending machines in this economy.

After dinner, we threw the rest of our money at the first casino employee we saw and went to bed to get ready for our next day's drive to the Grand Canyon. Le Canyon Grande.

Tune in tomorrow for Day Four of Days of our Vacation.

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