Friday, February 6, 2009

ECNY 2009: Please Keep Your Eyes

The nominees for the 2008 ECNY awards came out and I was psyched to see people that I have become friends with over the last year on the list. Especially, Sara Benincasa and Diana Saez. They deserve it. Take a moment to vote for them here.

Now onto more me-centric things. I wrote up a quick paragraph asking all of you fine readers to keep me in mind for next year's ECNY awards. I am going to push to have a good comedic 2009 so I figured I should start campaigning now. And to prove that I was serious about this, I decided to translate my paragraph into German because that's a real serious language. But then I thought, who's going to be able to read it? So I translated it back and then I thought why not put it in Hungarian because that's a funny language as well as the origin of my last name? But then I wasn't sure if that country even still existed. So I translated it back and decided to just leave it in English. I thank you in advance for your consideration. Here's my paragraph:

I'm very fond of ECNY fee. I know that I am in the outer, but I now have a good year for me. I plan to continue. If you have a display, and would like to, please let me know. I do (with the exception of Yankee Stadium, never played.) Please keep your eyes, because I am in each category can be. Sketch Group? This can happen. Thank you to all at the beginning of the train. Take care of yourself and we will examine shortly.

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Sara Benincasa said...

Sketch Group? This can happen.

Fucking awesome, dude.

And thank you very much.