Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tor's News Nuggets: 2/17/09

Scientists have narrowed the location of Osama bin Laden to one of three places. The good news is that one of those places is Earth so at least we haven't been wasting our time.

ARod claims that in high school he could bench 310 pounds but now, he can probably only get up 240. So that goes to show you that steroids make you weaker. In fact, he was just trying to play at the same lesser level as everyone else. He was tired of being the best. The guy cares.

ARod also says that he got the pills over the counter in the Dominican Republic so he didn't think it was bad. You know what else you can buy over the counter in the Dominican Republic? Cocaine. Rocket launchers. Babies.

Jay-Z has come out in support of Rihanna in the wake of the Chris Brown situation. Not sure if this support will cut into his other uninspired backings such as his hatred of cancer or his love of clean air but we'll see. He's only one man.