Monday, February 9, 2009

Days Of Our Vacation (Day Six)

Previously on Days Of Our Vacation, a plumbing leak became a deluge and wreaked havoc at Seattle Grace, as Kevin attempted to implement new teaching policies and Loly tried to retake her residency exam. Also, the Grand Canyon worried about Johnny Sack's upcoming RICO trial and the effect it was having on both the New York and New Jersey families.

And now...Days Of Our Vacation:

Loly and I started our day with a Pink Jeep Tour. The pink jeep showed up at our hotel and picked us up along with another couple. Before the jeep started moving, we exchanged pleasantries with the other couple which was exactly what we wanted to do. Hey, maybe after the jeep ride, we could get lunch and then put ourselves in each other's wills! Anyway, they told us they heard the jeep tour was scary and that you should bring another pair of pants.

The tour guide was a nice man who lived in Sedona his whole life. He told us everything about the animals and the plants native to the area. He drove us up on the red rocks and let us get out and walk around.

While on the rocks, he gave us a geology lesson about the rocks being red because they contain iron and have actually rusted. He pointed out a white layer of rock that separated the red layers and explained the millions of years that passed between them. All that was missing was a film projector, dimmed lights, and Ben Stein and we could have been in an episode of the "Wonder Years."

On the drive, the female from the other couple asked the guide about why the jeeps were pink. The guide said the creator of the company was inspired by something in Hawaii. I stopped paying attention to think up with a gem that led to this exchange:

The rest of the ride was fairly quiet. We went through some crazy terrain but nothing that required a second pair of pants. The guide, who must have tragically been born without a sense of humor, was in total control of the vehicle at all times.

Day Six, 3rd Grade Book Report Ending: 

In conclusion, Pink Jeep Tours are fun. I would recommend them to anyone who goes to Sedona. Sedona is a nice town with nice rocks and nice people. The food there is also good. I would go back there. I like paste.

Tune in tomorrow for the ride to Scottsdale in Day Seven of Days of our Vacation...

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