Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tor Baby Countdown: 61 Days

I had a horrible dream last night. The baby was born and I missed it. I was scrambling to get to the day care where she was being kept. My parents were there and my daughter was in another room with my three younger brothers (in real life, I'm an only child). Next thing I knew, I was holding my daughter and crying about how I missed it. Then I started to believe that I was dreaming because I couldn't figure out how I missed it or why she was in day care already. My impulse in the dream to prove that I was dreaming was to throw the baby!

I'll repeat that. My best idea on how to snap myself out of the dream was to THROW MY BABY.

Now I woke up before I was able to toss her but what if I didn't? What if I dreamed that I threw my baby? I would definitely feel even worse than I do right now. What if I wasn't dreaming and I threw my baby? "Hey prison, let's get acquainted."

This is not an acceptable subconscious thought process. There is something wrong with me. Truthfully. That picture doesn't do justice for what I wanted to do. That's more of an "ooo-pah" fun toss and my intention was more like the baby was a paper airplane. I couldn't find that picture probably because PEOPLE DON'T THROW BABIES LIKE THAT!

There were no other options? Where was pinching on my list? Third? Fourth? One Hundredth? Maybe my dreams were playing an April Fool's joke on me. Let's go with that. I'm not a monster. Right?