Thursday, April 1, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 10 (Elimination)

We opened with a ridiculous montage comparing Simon Cowell to the Kraken which is stupid because the Kraken would never leave American Idol. Ruben Studdard came back to the stage with a performance that should have gotten him eliminated instead of the one who went home. Usher danced. Diddy lip-synched. It was a magical hour. My only problem is that they have to cram it all in to one hour. Why rush it? Let's make this a 4-hour results show and really take our time. I should talk to the producers.

Bottom 3:

Katie Stevens - I'm allowed to not like someone's singing voice. Maybe Simon's right. Maybe she should sing country. At the very least, we should have Simon and Kara debate this a few more times. I fear she is going home next week, leap-frogging over Tim and off the Idol stage.

Tim Urban - Smiles made it through another week. When I first saw him look into the camera with that "I'm a moth and that light is so beautiful" drugged-up stare, I knew he was Top 9 material. Didn't you?

Didi Benami - America hates tears. We're not some wussy country trying to get in touch with our feelings. This is a manly country and we pee standing up into the Atlantic Ocean (because Florida is our penis). Didi fell fast. She did not deserve to go home yet. She's had a few good performances which can't be said for Tim, Katie, or Andrew.

Final Thought: Well, I got the Bottom Three right. Just got the elimination wrong. It's not easy being a girl on American Idol. The teens sitting at home developing unhealthy crushes are all focused on the guys. That's how Tim keeps going. Next week's theme is songs from the McCartney/Lennon songbook. Does this mean Aaron Kelly will be doing an inferior "Imagine" to David Archuleta's the way he did an inferior "Ain't No Sunshine" to Kris Allen's? Will Big Mike glue a mop top onto his head like the purple strip he did last night? Will Casey James play electric guitar? Will Siobhan go with "I've Got A Feeling" so she can say the song dictated a scream and she had to do it? Will Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze sing 4 times each instead of letting the others go? I'm tuning in to see!

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jim said...

I'm for Crystal and Lee singing 4 times each !!