Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Days Of Our Vacation (Day Two)

Previously on Days Of Our Vacation, Loly played Black Jack with a ghost and there is far less daytime porn than there used to be.

And now...Days Of Our Vacation:

Loly does her presentation on responsible green building practices and it tears the roof off of what can only be described as a heezy, albeit an economically responsible heezy. She rocks it. It's like a Motley Crue concert except they can only play stuff from 1997 on.

The Black Jack table was not kind to us today. It gave us a financial atomic wedgie. Also, the dealer gave us each an actual atomic wedgie which I am not sure was appropriate. I'm just glad the band on my boxers ripped. Loly was not so lucky.

The Bellagio buffet is amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. Before I jumped into my heaping plate of king crab legs, I took a moment to thank the Discovery Channel for showing that commercial for that show where guys die to feed me and everyone else in Vegas that night.

Video poker is no better than black jack. It eats away at your money like the ocean eats away the beach only so much faster which I guess is good for the beach. I'm beginning to think there is no way to win in the casinos.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 3 of Days Of Our Vacation. 

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JPB said...

"where guys die to feed me"--CRACK me up! :D Srsly, can you imagine a worse job?? Whatever they pay those guys, it's not enough.