Monday, March 22, 2010

Tor Baby Countdown: 71 Days

Tor baby. That's a typo away from disaster. Speaking of which, I like to think my impending daughter is like Baby Jessica, stuck at the bottom of my wife's well. Unfortunately the TV cameras won't come and the police won't do anything about it. There's a long wait until the rescue happens and, personally, I think that's cruel. Medically, I think it's the right call as she has to keep growing.

This weekend we put together a swing. Baby product companies give you just enough responsibility in the assembly of their products that you will never trust putting your baby in them. This swing came in about 20 pieces. When these 20 pieces are put together properly, it will simulate a cradling motion, a cradling motion you can easily do yourself as a parent and not subject your precious baby to the monstrosity you've assembled. I will be surprised if our swing turns on without melting in place. The motor is attached to the legs and best case, the swing will walk the baby around the room. Worst case - it will kick the baby incessantly.

The same goes for the Pack N Play/Bassinet. It took a good three tries before it even resembled what's on the box. As long as we keep the baby in the upper right corner, it should not fold in on itself, trapping the baby like a Venus Fly Trap. (Yeah, we watched Life last night.) At least it comes with three stuffed bears. That might give our daughter something to soak up the bleeding.

I know I'm being ridiculous. I was voted Most Likely to be a Good Dad in high school. Therefore, I will stop the karate swing as soon as I notice the baby beating and I'll get the Jaws of Life to spring her from the Pack N Play. I just wish these products would come with better instructions. All of the pieces look the same and everything "snaps" (much like your baby's bones would if they were hard enough) into place, meaning you can put it together however you want. Everything fits into everything! Why make a Pack N Play when you can make a sturdy pile of tubes you can impale yourself on with an adorable fabric pattern? That's what we did!

I long for simpler times when the scariest thing your baby had to face was a Velociraptor or the plague. I have a little over 2 months left and I wish Mr. Graco would come and put everything together for me. My wife and I can barely manage hanging pictures. I know we can handle the baby fine but we're going to have to trust putting her in one of these things we built at some point. We can only carry her in our arms for so long.

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