Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl 44 Drinking Game

I don't advocate the consumption of alcohol or liquor but darn it if football fans don't like to drink during important (or unimportant) games. This weekend is the Super Bowl of football games. So I've decided to give in and make a drinking game for those people who are watching.

Drink when:
  • the captains approach midfield and start choosing players for their team
  • a player is actually canonized
  • a player turns to the camera and talks about DirectTV
  • Drew Brees leaves for Disney Land before the game ends
  • a pig storms the field to confirm the ball is made of cow skin
  • a fire breaks out in one of Kim Kardashian's luxury boxes forcing her ass cheeks to share one
  • a commercial is funny
  • an English professor storms the field to teach fans "Who IS that?"
  • an announcer questions Peyton Manning's decision making
  • a mysterious murder is discovered right before the Who begins the halftime show
  • the Saints sign Brett Favre during halftime
  • a cow storms the field to confront the pig about farm animal decency
  • the Saints score a TD when Manning passes to lesser-known, always runs the wrong way target, Wayne Reggie
  • the Saints win


jim said...

Looks like I get 2 drinks. One for the commercial and one for the announcer. Ya think? Only Pepsi Free though.

jim said...

BTW Have you seen the new McDonald's commercial with their new promo on the "Love Affair with the Mac Snack Wrap?" Just make me want to kiss one! What?