Monday, February 22, 2010

The Ice Dancing Brother Sister Kama Sutra

There is nothing more sensual than a male and female sibling dancing upon frozen water adorned in the costume of stereotypes. Nobody does it better than Sinead and John Kerr which is why I was so glad they volunteered to be the models for this, the first ever Ice Dancing Brother Sister Kama Sutra. Let's get creepy sexy.

This is similar to a Crotch-Touching Crab Walk except at the end, your sister bends her waist allowing her soft upper thighs to provide the comforting lumbar support of a luxury car's bucket seat. Sibling Carnal Meter: 4 Frightening Flames

Remember all of those times that your brother looked up your skirt. Well, next time you are feeling offensively Scottish, you can get your revenge. Have your brother get in his finest Oompa Loompa stance. Throw yourself over his strong knee extending your body straight and gaze upon your brother's undercarriage. Sibling Carnal Meter: 3 Frightening Flames

Though you aren't hideous, your weird relations with your brother have caused your parents to abandon you. Your only task is to ring that bell and your brother is the rope. Pull him. Pull on your brother with all you've got. Sibling Carnal Meter: 1 Frightening Flame

While your brother isn't proposing to you, know that he wishes society would let him. Place your desperate groin on your brother's knee. You are the jewelry box and he is presenting you and all your beauty. Your ass points up as his strong hands hold you at the smooth bend of your knees. Throw your head back in ecstasy. Sibling Carnal Meter: 3 Frightening Flames

Your bodies are like powerful airplanes moving through the sky. Keep your arms out to the side. Your brother wasn't on your radar nor were you on his but it's too late for that now. Place your sexy sisterly waist between your brother's knees. He's so strong. Your faces are inches apart. It's like when you were 5. He's not touching your face. He's not touching your face. Yet. Sibling Carnal Meter: 5 Frightening Flames

Your brother's strong leg no longer works. You have to replace it. You've always wanted to be a part of him and now you can. Wrap your arms around your brother's hungry torso. Become his leg. Help him skate. Sibling Carnal Meter: 2 Frightening Flames

Imagine yourself in the future. The walls of injustice have come crumbling down and society recognizes a love that was once forbidden and still should be. Hold your sisterly body taught with anticipation. Your brother massages his temples to calm down his excitement. Form a canon and destroy that ground with sibling lust. Sibling Carnal Meter: 3 Frightening Flames

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