Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 24 (Girls)

American Idol posts are back on Tor's Take but, like the Top 24, a little nervous and tight out of the gate.

Paige Miles - "It's Alright Now" - The Top 24 gets off to a rocking start. Well, by categorization. She adds h's to the front of words. Doctors will tell you that a soft h sound contributes to bladder control which is good because she was sewn into her outfit and had to pee for 5 hours. Thanks, Seacrest interview.

Ashley Rodriguez - "Happy" - I don't know this song. It did not seem like she was singing the same one the band was playing. However, the background singers were with her. That's good because, at a live show, you want at least 2/3rds of the lead singer/background vocals/band combination to be performing the same song. Regardless, this was pretty bad.

Janell Wheeler - "What About Love?" - This is someone who did their Idol homework. Last season, Allison Iraheta knocked a Heart song out of the park and jumped into the lead. Janell doesn't have the voice to do Heart so I cannot accept her homework. And there will be no extra credit. The would be unfair to the rest of the class. Not good but she has the "look" so Simon gave a minor complement that should keep her around.

Lilly Scott - "Fixin a Hole" - She's like Jewel but from Colorado. I got all ready to post a "She should skip the singing and go straight to obscure poetry" shot but she was cool. I like what she did with this. Obscure Beatles song is the way to go. Also a rare quality and thought-out Randy Jackson critique. Nothing is predictable.

Katelyn Epperly - "Oh Darlin" - Two good ones in a row. Clarification: Two good ones in a row by comparison to the terrible start. She's cute and safe. I agree with Kara that she's dressed too sexy. Randy thinks she "can go places and do stuff." Welcome back, Randy and predictability.

Haeley Vaughn - "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" - The stylists were like, "More white! More glitter! More! More! More!" She smiles and moves like she's in the Chuck E. Cheese band. Regardless, I dug what she did with the arrangement and the phrasing. If she had incorporated a voice that wasn't annoying, she might have had something. As it was, it was bad as Simon said.

Lacey Brown - "Landslide" - Really, really bad. Worst of the night and probably the end of the line for her. I really wanted her to be good. I like her whole "I'm what a hot 40 year old wants Botox to make her look like" appearance. At least she made it further than last year.

Michelle Delamor - "Falling" - The opening was cool because she did it differently than Alicia Keys. But then she just tried to sound like her which is hard because Alicia is soooo good. And now I'm becoming a judge sound-a-like and I don't like my chances of coming back next week. I'm forgettable.

Didi Benami - "The Way I Am" - She managed to slow down an already slow song. How does that work? The good news is that she didn't cry so I guess she mixed it up this week. This song works for my iPod but not for American Idol. This is the second time someone sang this song this season and Simon did not like it either time even though both did a good job. It's time for Ingrid Michaelson to step in.

Siobhan Magnus - "Wicked Games" - She is so weird. Ever since Ellen told her to make her look younger, she dressed more like a child each appearance. I'm glad the stylists stepped in before she came on stage in a diaper and protective mittens. Even though she can sing on key in the voice of a woman impersonating a man, I don't think she should. She will be fine, however.

Crystal Bowersox - "Hand In My Pocket" - It was good but I've been more blown away by her in the past. She is the the leader of the females which is good because Kara thinks she has the ability to take us on a journey. One second, Bowersox, I have to pack an overnight bag. Stop talking in cliches, Kara. Talk like a person.

Katie Stevens - "Feeling Good" - It made me uncomfortable. She's 17. Why was this allowed for a girl who has been portrayed as sweet, nice, and family-oriented? I'm too disturbed by this. She'll be back next week. Probably in leather strutting to Christina Aguilera's "Dirty."

Bottom Three: How do I narrow this down? Lacey Brown is a given. There was nothing salvageable from that one. Ashley Rodriguez and Haeley Vaughn should finish up the trio.

Going Home: Lacey Brown and Ashley Rodriguez

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