Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 24 (Boys)

It's the boys' turn and Simon's wearing a nice button-down shirt. Unbuttoned to his crotch, but nice.

Todrick Hall - "Since You've Been Gone" - He seems to have the same problem that I had with Adam Lambert. He comes off fake. I like that he made the song different. It didn't sound very good but I think he can fake being good long enough to make it further. Proof that I'm on the right track? From Adam Lambert's Twitter - "Toddricks def gonna surprise us!! Mad talent!! Def the full package." Nailed it!

Aaron Kelly - "Here Comes Goodbye" - He doesn't have any confidence but he's 16. Confidence will come as he realizes a million girls - just like the ones who ignored him completely up to this point at his school - will want to marry him. He seems like a nice boy. He'd do the honorable thing. Safe.

Jermaine Sellers - "Get Here" - He sang like someone who can't sing at the beginning, very quiet. And then he hit the big notes which were also sung like someone who can't sing. If he has one thing going for him, he makes facial expressions like a good singer. Probably not enough.

Tim Urban - "Apologize" - When Kris Allen did this song last year, I was hoping he would skip the falsettos and do "Too Late" part in his regular awesome voice. He didn't and it was probably one of the weaker performances for Kris last year. Tim made Kris' version seem like one of the greatest moments in Idol history. He could be in trouble.

Joe Munoz - "You and I Both" - Goes with the stool and the stand up on the chorus template. That's classic Idol. The problem with the performance is Jason Mraz is so good that it paled. Joe might be talented but it didn't show this week. Also, my wife says he is ugly and has rapist eyes. So there's that.

Tyler Grady - "American Woman" - Why is he so likable? It was shouty and weird but I still want him on the show. The judges' consensus is that his 70s style and mannerisms have to go. I'm thinking lots of tin foil and robot moves. Take it 40 years in the other direction, Tyler. So likable.

Lee Dewyze - "Chasing Cars" - I liked this one and so did Simon. We might have been the only two. The guy is good. Up to this point in the night, he was the best one. I like how he pushed this song from the slow-paced original. If he was more in tune, I would want to own it. I maintain that's a complement.

John Park - "God Bless The Child" - Oof. I liked him after his audition. His Shania Twain package was great, too. Reminiscent of the fun Anoop Desai brought. However, he failed to bring the Anoop fun to the song. This was dull. I know the song is personal but what made him think this was the right choice for America's first impression? I would have rather he came out and blasted an air horn for 90 seconds instead.

Michael Lynche - "This Love" - Maybe it's because he had a baby girl and I see him as dad competition but I think he's pretty terrible. Big Mike sounded like a cruise ship. I'm aware that I didn't put "singer" on the end of that. He sounds like a cruise ship - gurgle-y, watered-down, the occasional toot. He'll be fine because he's happy and people like happy.

Alex Lambert - "Wonderful World" - I was wondering how he was going to make it without his unnecessary ukulele from Hollywood Week but it seems his awkward powers lie in his mullet. He actually has a good voice and if he stops clutching the microphone like it's an unpinned grenade, he can do well.

Casey James - "Heaven" - They spent way too much time on Kara's "crush" on him. I like that he chose this song amongst all the nonsense. If you embrace Idol's nonsense, you can do better than if you try to transcend it. The singing was ok. He never pushed his voice so it stayed in one place. Still, I'll take this over most of tonight's guys.

Andrew Garcia - "Sugar, We're Going Down" - He is so smooth. I liked this version. People are probably going to tire of his "Take a song that's upbeat and make it acoustic and nice" approach but I want it. I want it so bad. I don't know if he has the ability to do anything else but, frankly, I don't care. He's my favorite. Though, Danny Gokey was my favorite this time last year. Hmmm.

Bottom Three: Jermaine Sellers was the worst of the night. I will also go with John Park who should be fine and hopefully scared into stepping up next week. The last spot will be Joe Munoz, more as a guess of America's style than a deserved placement.

Going Home: Jermaine Sellers and Joe Munoz

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jim said...

No way Munoz should leave. Tim Urban was the worst but sometimes America gets it wrong.