Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rejected Young Money Lyrics

There is a hit song on the radio now by Young Money called "Bed Rock." The chorus contains the lyric, "Call me Mr. Flinstone. I can make your bed rock." This is very clever. What people don't know is that there were several failed attempts at cartoon-inspired innuendo before they landed on "The Flintstones." Read them and the reasoning behind passing on them below.

Bad Lyric: "Call me Mr. Jetson. I can make your Ass-tro."
Reasoning Against: Well it has the word "ass" but a "tro" isn't anything especially not a verb.

Bad Lyric: "Call me Liono. I can make your Mum rah."
Reasoning Against: It's for when you have a thing for British mothers and also for less enthusiastic cheerleaders so you get both. Still confusing.

Bad Lyric: "Call me Captain Baloo. I can make that Tail Spin."
Reasoning Against: It's pretty good but there's a hint of bestiality.

Bad Lyric: "Call me G.I. Joe. I can make my Cobra Command Her."
Reasoning Against: Clever but there's really no one called G.I. Joe so this falls apart. Also the lyric is supposed to be aimed at a girl not someone in the third person.

Bad Lyric: "Call me Gargamel. I can make your Stinky Smurf."
Reasoning Against: This might actually be an insult when translated from Smurf-speak.

Bad Lyric: "Call me Hanna-Barbara. I want to give you my Chilly Willy."
Reasoning Against: It doesn't really sell you to the woman as cold things are not appetizing as evidenced by bras in the freezer pranks.


kayce. said...

when i tell people that listening to anything by young money will rot your brain, i'll be sure to list this post as exhibit (xhibit?) a. :D

Anonymous said...

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