Friday, February 26, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 24 (Eliminations)

There's something fun about seeing the first week of group song lip synching. Nobody knows how to do it. Just wonderful. Can't wait for next week's 20 person take on "Tik Tok" with Bowersox starting off, "Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy."

Going Home:

Janell Wheeler - I did not expect her to go home. She was one of the weaker girls on Tuesday but she deserved another shot. She's now going to go the way of what's her name from Season 5 and what's her name from Season 2.

Ashley Rodriguez - She never really got highlighted in the weeding out process and, while that worked for Kris Allen, it didn't work for her. She seemed swell.

Joe Munoz - I got this one right. I will take this paragraph to congratulate myself on a choice well done. I have been watching American Idol for a long time and I have a good grasp on how the public votes. You see, his hairline was converging on his face and America sees that. They don't want someone whose face is blocked by hair. Can't see his mouth, his eyes. Ew.

Tyler Grady - This was surprising. I thought he had the teenage girl vote based on his sexy, ugly confidence but I guess not. He took a shot at the judges for not giving him enough criticism, too. It's always a smart move to go out on bottom.

Final Thought: I got 50 percent on this one. Not bad. It's so random at the beginning. Terrible isn't enough to go home. Much like Private Ryan, it is up to Lacey Brown and Jermaine Sellers to earn this. Unfortunately (especially with Lacey), I don't know if they can. See you next week when the singers, and hopefully this blogger, will be more comfortable and ready to shine.


jim said...

Well said Kevin!!

The Katzbox said...

I have not watched one episode of this season's offerings. I must repent. I have heard that the talent is not as good as last year's. That sounds harsh when I write it. I must repent of that also.

Dang, it's Friday nite and all I'm doing is offending myself. I should just go before I sucker punch myself and really get steamed...

But do you think that it's true? About the talent?

jim said...

Better talent with the girls maybe the guys are not as good, but their level is close to last year, me thinks!