Monday, January 25, 2010

Alternate Tooth Fairy Taglines

I was walking around San Diego and I saw a poster for The Rock's "Tooth Fairy" movie. It said "You can't handle the tooth." Pretty good. I thought I could do better.
  • "Things are about to get fairy interesting."
  • "He's getting his gum-uppance."
  • "Prepare to have your cavity searched."
  • "He doesn't want less lar. He wants molar."
  • "Hope was incisor all along."
  • "He's looking for cuspids that go both ways sexually."
  • "He's got some serious pillow talk."
  • "He's going to wing it."
  • "You've got Dwayne Johnsons in your head."

1 comment:

jim said...

Hey Tor all good but.... cavity search and Johnsons the best !!