Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tor's News Nuggets: 6/10/90

I accidentally typed "90" instead of "09" so let's go for it. Hop in your Miata and accompany me back to June 10, 1990.

Burger King begins using Newman's Own Salad Dressing with their salads. They will also be changing their slogan to "Have It Paul's Way."

Rap Group 2 Live Crew was arrested in Florida for obscenity when it was deemed the content of their album was so inappropriate that it was against the law. The group is expected to put in a plea of "Me so not guilty."

Bulgaria's former Communist Party won the country's first free elections in more than four decades. Some people question this voting choice but I think it's better than the second place finisher, "I just want the country to have a good time."

Tara Lipinsky turns 8. The little girl has Olympic Dreams stating that her goal is to win a gold medal and then disappear into obscurity shortly thereafter.