Monday, June 29, 2009

Dah-Dum Dah-Dum Goblin Shark

What if you were a shark that was really really lazy? Let's say a fish was in front of you. Your frightening jaws are open but the fish just won't swim into them. You have to swim five or six more inches now just to get that fish. Sucks to be a shark, right? Wrong! If you were a goblin shark, you would simply unleash your jaws like you fired them from a cannon. Then reel that fish back in and swallow. Simple. Why are you still reading? Check out the closest thing to the creature in the movie Alien you will hopefully ever see.


Jen said...

This. is. awesome. My 12 year old son just saw "Aliens" for the first time and had to sleep in our bed. I can't wait to show him this!

beeraz said...

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