Monday, June 1, 2009

To The Rock That Broke My Windshield

Dear Rock,

What the hell? Could you not see where you were going? Do you have smaller versions of yourself in your head? Lower and to the right and we could have both been killed! My insurance is going to go up big! That stupid lizard with his Britishness will be so pissed at me. I hate you!

I don't hate you. It's misplaced anger. I'm the one who messed up. I'd like to apologize to you. I'm sorry I left the scene of the accident. After the hit, I panicked. You always hear on the news about hit and runs and you think to yourself, how can someone do that? Then you are in that situation and you see how. Survival instincts kick in. You feel like you have your whole life ahead of you and this could considerably shorten it so you run. You run and don't look back. 

I keep daydreaming about you bouncing down that highway. Cars and trucks passing by you. I snap out of it in a cold sweat. Based on trajectory and point of impact, you may have even hit another windshield. If so, I'm hoping that driver did the right thing and stopped. I'm hoping the world has at least one person out there that gives a crap. I'm hoping because it's all I have left to do.

Sometimes, I want to get back in the car and head that way to see that you're ok with my own eyes but I can't. I don't think I can drive right now. Part of it's the grief but mostly it's because of the GIANT CRACK TRAVELING IN MULTIPLE PATHS ACROSS MY FRICKIN' WINDSHIELD, YOU PIECE OF CRAP ROCK! Where did all of my sympathy go? It never really existed. You're a stupid rock and you ruined my day! Go to rock hell which I'm guessing is an eternity of being skipped across a pond with an instilled and heightened fear of drowning. If we ever meet again, you better take me out because I'm going to come at you with everything my car's got.

Waiting for the day,

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jim said...

Oh ! Oh ! Tor got a rock unhappy ending!! Sorry but most of us have been cussing the rock devil off more than once!! Nice blog though!!