Friday, June 26, 2009

Unnecessary Prequels

Like yesterday's Unnecessary Sequels, today we will do Unnecessary Prequels. Ah, Twitter trends.
  1. Not Taken Yet
  2. I Think This Guy's Into Me
  3. Tyler Perry's I Hope This Madea Thing Works
  4. I Will Never Want To Forget Sarah Marshall
  5. Tropic Lightning
  6. Schindler's Fridge Is Stocked
  7. The Cuckoo's Nest Is Reporting No Air Traffic
  8. It's A Taken For Granted Life
  9. Apocalypse Any Minute
  10. Russian Scientist (Taxi Driver)
  11. That Mockingbird's Pretty Frickin' Annoying
  12. 2000: Let's Go To Space Next Year
  13. Scarless Face
  14. The Princess Fiance
  15. Lock, Stock, and Two Barrels Ready To Fire
  16. Sweeney Todd: The Happy Barber School Years
  17. Nowhere Near Famous
  18. Let's Paint This Mile Green
  19. American History Little
  20. Boogie Days
  21. Entering Las Vegas
  22. Three Weddings And A Wake
  23. The About-To-Be-Framed Surgeon
  24. The Devil Orders Prada Online With Express Shipping
  25. February 1st

1 comment:

Franke said...

Schindler's Fridge Is Stocked
Russian Scientist (Taxi Driver)
That Mockingbird's Pretty Frickin' Annoying

I'm sure you're going to hell for some of those, and I will probably see you there just for thinking they're funny.