Friday, May 29, 2009

Freddie Prinze, Jr. On 24

Freddie Prinze, Jr. has joined the cast of "24" as the Head of Field Ops for CTU. I'm sorry, what?!? What qualifies him to this role? His expert crime fighting in the Scooby Doo movies? Sure, his Fred was a revelation but this is Jack Bauer! I've decided to come up with some ways for this to work.
  • Jack bets Freddie that he can't make any girl into the hottest girl at CTU. They pick Chloe and Freddie ends up realizing that no matter how hot he makes her, he can't make her less awkward. There's only so much that can be done in 24 hours. Jack wins.
  • Freddie is a talented baseball prospect working at CTU for the summer to earn some extra cash. Chloe finds him appealing but Jack doesn't approve and keeps Chloe from getting too serious since it would only last for the summer. We pick up Season 8 as Freddie finds out he's getting called up to the Phillies on his last day at CTU. In the midst of foiling a terrorist attack, Freddie is shot and dies in Jack's arms. Jack tells Freddie that he was good enough for Chloe as he breathes his last breath never getting the chance to play pro ball. A real case of Major(s) Irony.
  • CTU is reformed and now stands for the Cosmic Terrorist Unit stopping terrorism not only globally but universally. The Kilrathi, a race of "cat-like aliens," is threatening Earth and, more importantly, Los Angeles. Jack and Freddie take their fighter crafts out to thwart the Kilrathi but find their ships' armor to be impenetrable. Chloe comes up with a way to give the Kilrathi mother ship a cold or a virus, a computer...virus. Jack and Freddie save the day.*
  • Before being brought on to CTU, Freddie, Jack, and Chloe were good friends. They hung out all the time and partied. One summer night, while driving back from a club, Chloe and Freddie were involved in some horseplay. Distracted, Jack did not see the Stereotypical Arab Terrorist crossing the road. Jack, not wanting to have to deal with more disciplinary action, convince Chloe and Freddie to help him dispose of the body. They don't speak of it again until the start of Season 8 when CTU intercepts some chatter claiming to know what they did one year ago. Could it be that Stereotypical Arab Terrorist? Jack can't take the chance.
* The plot of Wing Commander was not strong enough so I had to bolster it with some Independence Day.

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