Monday, December 22, 2008

Tor's Holiday Gifts: House

For the cast of House, I would get the following:
  • House - The Jimmy shoes from Seinfeld so he can work out that leg and lose the cane
  • Cuddy - A Baby Bjorn big enough to hold House
  • Wilson - With his girlfriend dying and all, he really needs to keep busy so a couple of new kinds of cancer
  • Thirteen - For the cure for Huntington's to be sex with a black man
  • Foreman - Diagnosis contest with House (first to 10 correct diagnoses wins)
  • Kutner - A newly opened fifth spot on The Doctors
  • Taub - A new sports car that doesn't cause you to admit to infidelity and is electric blue
  • Cameron - A terminal illness to befall Chase so she can get really turned on by him
  • Chase - A terminal illness with the longest life expectancy

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