Monday, December 22, 2008

Tor's Holiday Gifts: How I Met Your Mother

For the cast of How I Met Your Mother, I would get the following:
  • Robin - DeGrassi: The Complete Series on DVD and a case of Molson
  • Ted - A time machine to go to the future and see who his wife is so he can stop all of his searching and end the frustration of those watching at home (seriously, the show is so good that the identity of the mother has taken a back seat)
  • Marshall - A non-profit job that pays like a profit job
  • Barney - Using Ted's time machine (after he does to be fair), I would go back in time and bring back Robin Sparkles because if there is anything Barney loves more than regular Robin, it's jailbait Robin
  • Lily - A new pair of boots and a book on lying effectively

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