Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tor's Product Review: Shock Absorber Sports Bra

These sports bras must be fantastic. Just look at them. I took the woman's face out of it to protect her and also because the picture didn't have a face.
I ask you to go to the bra's site. (WARNING: NSFW) Skip the intro, choose a cup size (largest), an activity level (most strenuous) and watch in horror. Once you get over the shock (and juvenile giggles), you may be asking yourself the same thing I am. How many lovely ladies are out there horseback riding with your porn star chests not getting adequate support?

I must say I've learned from this. You should never go running in a regular bra. I think the animation points out how awful that can be. Also, I never realized that women's nipples move around their breasts like they are screensaver icons. Weird. 

All in all, the bra, through the use of animated boob footage, does seem to do its job. I give it the Tor's Product Review seal of approval. 

*Blogger's Note - Special thanks to Dave Metz for showing me this product.

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