Friday, September 4, 2009

Tor's News Nuggets: 9/4/09

The following are some jokes that I submitted to the iPhone app about last week. So, they might be a little old.

Lindsey Lohan and Jessica Simpson were among a list of celebrities that, if you Google them, may result in a virus. While some would laugh and say, "That's just common knowledge," I would say, "I didn't know they were still considered celebrities."

Melanie Griffith has checked into rehab again after exhibiting erratic behavior in which she demanded to be surrounded by the color yellow. "I did everything I could to help her," said a dejected Antonio Banderas dressed as Big Bird.

The founder of Papa John's has finally tracked down his 1971 Camaro that he sold to save his father's business in the early 80s. It cost him $250,000 which is pretty steep. That's like 25,000 terrible pizzas.

A truck driver drove his 13.5 foot truck into a 12 foot tunnel because his GPS routed him that way. The truck driver was unavailable for comment because his friend called and told him to jump off a bridge.

The federal government sent stimulus checks to almost 4000 prison inmates. The government said this was an accident and, despite what the inmates say, there is no such thing as "Cash for Clinkers."

Tomorrow, Apple will release Snow Leopard their new smaller, sleeker, and more powerful operating system for the Mac. A representative for Microsoft panicked, looked all around, and said, "We have a great new operating system too! Yeah, it's called the Ceiling Microphone Reporter Shoes."

Despite rumors, Megan Fox has not been cast as Catwoman in the next "Batman" movie. Still no word on whether she will be 7th grader Tom Grorsky's future wife.

Federal Reserve Board chairman Ben Bernanke was the victim of identity theft recently. The thief will require two jail cells, one for him and one for his super giant balls.

Jon Gosselin refuted claims that say he wants to get off his show, "Jon and Kate Plus 8." Jon then secretly went on a younger, less child-having show.

Last night, NFL Network aired Michael Vick's first game since serving his prison sentence. NFL Network said it was like airing any other game except the credits needed to include "No animals were harmed in the making of this game."

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