Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's 9 day!

People are going crazy of 9/9/09. This is the biggest thing to happen since 8/8/08. In honor of this numerically fantastic day, I've come up with some things to do to honor it.
  • Clone Your Own Baseball Team - Imagine 9 of you playing the field at the same time. How excited will you be when you hit a home run and you get a high five from yourself when you cross home plate, not to mention all the dugout celebrations with yourself. Sure, as with any large number of clones, the abilities will worsen. That's why you put the 9th you in right field. It's little league all over again.
  • Lose A Finger - You're going to be counting to 9 a lot today. Which finger doesn't get included in all of that counting? Hard to choose. Get rid of one and you won't have to worry. I'm a righty so I would get rid of one on my left hand. Which one? Thumbs are important. You need to point. I'm happily married so that one's a keeper. That leaves pinky and middle. No contest. I prefer to look snobby when I drink tea over showing my disapproval with a gesture. Which finger would you get rid of?
  • Make A Love Potion - Who says Gypsies are the only ones that can make a magical love elixir? Not this guy. Mix a bunch of liquids together. Stay away from anything underneath the sink. Do I really need to remind you? What are you, 4? If that doesn't work, add some freesia to a bottle of Axe. Ladies love freesia and Axe if commercials and The Body Shop have taught me anything. It can't be wrong to make something that brainwashes the opposite sex into loving you against their will. It just can't.
  • William Henry Harrison It Up - He was our 9th President and what better way to pay tribute to him than to get your dream job and die 32 days later? Obviously, this isn't something you can do by the end of the day but just starting it would really mean something to Ol' Billy Hank.
  • Rewrite A Prince Song - Take the song 1999. Throw a party. Rerecord the chorus to say "Tonight we're gonna party like it's Nine O Nine O Nine." Put it on repeat for the entire party. The attendees will love it at first, then hate it around hour two, but they'll come back around in hour 4. You're welcome.
If you have anymore, send them my way. I'd love to do more.


Jen said...

Form a Beatle's tribute band.
Call us "Number 9.2" But I hate the Beatles, so we'd only play old school rap.

ps: My word verification is "fearc," which I think is awesome. I mean, "FIERCE."

jim said...

Hate ? I don't think so. You might dislike them but I know there is no hate in your body.
Paul, John, George, and Ringo are music icons like Mikael Jackson.

jim said...

Kevin Great job with 9,9,9.
Hope you are going to provide wit and colorful comments for "American Idol" again this year. You were really on last year!! (typo in my last comment Michael Jackson, sorry)