Tuesday, August 18, 2009

VH1 Behind The Musics I'd Like To See

VH1 made some great Behind the Musics. There were some that I would still love to see.
  • Tag Team - "The story of how even being able to point out where 'it' was was not enough. Now, they put the 'WHO?' in 'Whoomp.'"
  • Mark Morrison - "The story of the man who thought the world was ready for the mack to return but was wrong."
  • Meredith Brooks - "The story of how maybe it's better for career longevity to let people find out what you later are than to come out and say it in your first song."
  • Lucas - "The story of how a man dealt with a society that preferred his lid firmly attached."
  • Vengaboys - "The ironic story of the band that liked to party but was never invited to any."
  • Lou Bega - "The story of a man haunted by the regret that he should have started with the first mambo and not the fifth and last one."
  • The Proclaimers - "The sad story of two guys that never found anyone worth walking more than 48 miles for, far short of their lyrical ideal."
  • Ini Kamoze - "The story of a lyricist with mob ties and steps that are excessively warm."
  • Skee-Lo - "The story of a man who never had a wish come true and how it ate away at him."
  • 2 in a Room - "The story of how no one knew what part of their body to wiggle and the heaps of hate mail they got because of it."
Even if you don't want to see any of these Behind the Musics, I hope you will have any of these songs stuck in your head for at least a week. You're welcome.

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