Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Funny Stuff That Ain't Mine: Just For Creepy Dads and Daughters

This commercial bothers me so much. The mother isn't around, hopefully because she died and not because she couldn't take the strange relationship between her daughter and husband. I'm sure this is going to come out sexist but I don't think daughters step up in times of crisis to become the "woman of the house." If I'm in this position ever (I pray not. I don't want a daughter.), the most spousey thing my daughter's allowed to do is get a job to pay some bills. I guess it's time to scratch Electra off our list of baby names. Don't want to chance ending up like this freak family. Did they go out for dinner after this to celebrate, then throw caution to the wind and fly to Paris? I must go vomit now.

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