Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol - Top 4 (Part 1)

Rock Week brought Slash as the Idol Mentor. Slash was very cool. He cooled his way through the whole mentoring process. I think he really brought a level of cool out of the performers tonight. I know the editors cut it up so we don't see everything but I think I could have done that job. The only thing he did was intimidate some of them. I could have held a gun and told them to sing next to me and gotten the same effect. I may be wrong but look at the performances. Last week's mentor was great and the show was one of the best ever. This week's was unhelpful and it was my least favorite of the season.

Adam Lambert - "Whole Lotta Love" - This is the music I'm thinking he should be making. It was shouty but so was Zeppelin. Overall, it was good but what was with the outfit? It was like the outfit Michael Jackson would wear if he was asked to be in one of the Blade movies. 

Allison Iraheta - "Cry Baby" - She went to Adam's hair girl? This wouldn't be disturbing if she didn't say that Adam's been going to her for 2 years. Am I going about show biz all wrong? Should I have assistants even when I'm nobody? It's like dressing for the job you want. I should be entouraging for the fame status I want. Anyway, I actually thought Allison was ok. She sounded great. Simon gave her some trouble and she snapped back at him which I think is what he was going for, the little puppet master.

Kris Allen & Danny Gokey - "Renegade" - I don't even know what happened here. I guess the producers came up with the idea to do a couple of duets this week. This one was uncomfortable. Kris and Danny don't have powerful rock voices. They tried but it just made them sound bad and provided no momentum with the judges (or me) for the solos. 

Kris Allen - "Come Together" - I'm going to do a Randy on this. When I heard Kris was doing "Come Together," I was like, "Oh, man. I don't know." But you know what? He worked it out. Not really. It was fine but I think that was because I'm a huge Kris fan. I have a feeling it wasn't very good at all. I was hoping he would reverse David Cook it. Take a heavy song and lighten it up. Any rock song would have sounded so cool slowed down like he can do. I was disappointed in Kris and I hope it's not the end of him.

Danny Gokey - "Dream On" - Oof. That last note might be the thing that saves Kris from elimination. That was putrid. It was like somebody asked him to do his best cicada impression. Oof. Danny seems full of himself. I fought it off because I liked him so much in the beginning of the show but he was awful tonight. Steven Tyler? He thinks he can sing like Steven Tyler?!? It would be one thing to sing the song and make it your own. He tried. To sing it. Like Steven Tyler?!? He will be in the Bottom 3.

Allison Iraheta & Adam Lambert - "Slow Ride" -   It was really good. I'm thankful the producers put these two together and didn't split them to embarrass Kris and Danny. Adam was in control. He didn't overdo it and Allison brought the power vocals. (I notice the more I watch American Idol, the more I use terms like "power vocals" and "pipes" when I have no business using them. American Idol brings out my inner record promoter.)

Bottom Three: I think Adam will be the safe one this week. He was the best of the four by an unfortunately large amount. That leaves Allison, Kris, and Danny as the Bottom 3. Allison should be fine because she was not beat up by the judges as much. So that leaves Kris or Danny going home. Kris is more talented but Danny has never been in the Bottom 3. Can you go from season-long safe straight to home? I hope so but I doubt it. Cicada Man stays and my favorite leaves.

Going Home: Kris Allen

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jim said...

Good blog Tor, you nailed it.
I think "Slow Ride" was dope and could be recorded into a hit by Allison and Adam.