Thursday, May 7, 2009

American Idol - Top 4 (Part 2)

Dear Allison,

You will be missed. You won me over with your "Alone" performance in Top 36 Week. I remember thinking it was going to be a disaster and then you rocked it. Your red hair was reminiscent of the head wrap on the Mumm-Ra action figure from my youth but probably more plastic.

You gave amazing performance after amazing performance and you deserved better than 4th place. Then again, some great people finished 4th in the past (Chris Daughtry, Tamyra Gray, Jason Castro). Like you, they were all beloved and a shocking exit. 

Now, it's time you learn something from this. Never stick up for yourself. You held back every week amidst the ridiculously unfounded judges' comments and you advanced. Then you had enough of Simon, Kara, and Randy's nitpicking and you spoke up. Dumb. As Ryan reminds us every week, " A-MER-ican Idol." You don't talk back to the judges. You don't try to take away a spot from the pre-chosen finalists (Adam and Danny). And you don't get credit for being original because you are a woman. But you're 17. Much too young to know this. 

So good luck to you. Hopefully, you'll put out an album. I'll buy it.

Someone you don't know

Final Thoughts: This was an awful week on American Idol. Allison was called a soundalike for her Janis Joplin performance while Adam was called an original rock god for his copy of a Led Zeppelin song. Adam sounded great but he got too much credit this week. Still, he has grown on me and I'm fine with him in the Top 3. Danny was awful. The worst performance by a Top 4 Idol ever. It's wrong that he's still around. Unfortunately, this is what the judges wanted at this point. Allison should have pulled a Tom Hanks in "Saving Private Ryan" and pulled Danny's plaid shirt yelling "Earn this!" It's wrong that so many Idols had to die for Danny to be in the Top 3. See you next week when Kris is voted off. I'd say not to bother with the performances but I want to see him do 2 more songs.


jim said...

Tor what a Great tribute to Allison!! She, without a doubt will have a great long career as you pointed out with previous 4th place finishers. Kris will be gone next week then Danny.
Again a Great Blog Kev. You are the best !!!!

loly said...

it's true, you are the best.