Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol - Top 3 (Part 1)

Each contestant got to sing two songs tonight. The first song is a judge's choice and the second song is a personal one. But wait. You say there are four judges and three contestants. How is that going to work? I'm glad you asked. When Kara and Randy are focused and on their game, they combine to equal one mediocre representative of the record industry. Now, do you see how it works out? (Also of note, Kara was not focused and on her game tonight.)

Danny Gokey - "Dance Little Sister" - It was very shouty. It seemed to all be in the upper part of Danny's register or the "Gruff Zone" as I like to call it. I went on YouTube and watched the Terence Trent D'Arby version and this is what it sounds like, gruff and all. So, once again, Danny did a good job of sounding like the original version and no, I will not count the scat with the saxophone thing as original. That's a throw in and we are not searching for the next Scatman John. The judges loved it even though they weren't big on the song choice.

Kris Allen - "Apologize" - When I heard that Kris was singing this, I made the same face he did when he got the text message from Kara and Randy. This was pure sabotage. We all know he's not moving on but to make him sing a song that's out of his range is garbage. I thought he did a good job considering you could tell he wanted nothing to do with the song. When he stayed out of his falsetto in the parts of the song that go falsetto, it sounded really cool. Then, on top of making him sing an awful song (for him), Kara got on his case for doing it too much like the original!?! They only have a couple of days to put it all together especially with going to their hometowns. Where was he going to find the time to learn the song and make it his own? At least Simon was the voice of reason and scolded Kara for complaining. Kara is an evil harpy with a lack of brain cells. Bad combination. This was the equivalent of telling Kris to pull her finger and then complaining that it smells. 

Adam Lambert - "One" - It seemed like a mess once he got passed the opening few lines. I thought it started well and then got weird. Then I wanted it to end, so much so that I yearned to hear the U2 version and I can't stand U2. It doesn't matter though. Adam is in the Finals. He could bomb miserably on the next song and still make it. Apparently, Simon helped Adam arrange the song which I didn't know Simon was capable of. Simon and Kara got in a genuine argument in which Kara did a terrible British accent to mock Simon. I think Kara could have had him if she only finished with "I know you are but what am I?" or "So's your face" but I don't think such advanced forms of rebuttal are in her arsenal.

Danny Gokey - "You Are So Beautiful" - He's trying for tender and sounding like his voice is giving up. He came strong at the end like usual but what about the beginning? Good thing he's preordained in the finals so he could do the song with armpit farts and move on. The judges loved it. (sarcasm from this point on) Really? Crazy. I never would have thought it. Danny is the greatest singer this competition has ever known. His effort alone is enough to advance. I wish he could sing me to sleep at night.

Kris Allen - "Heartless" - That was amazing. Brilliant. I went back and watched it two more times. I want this version on my iPod stat. Two things: 1. I'm aware of the similarities to The Fray's version but, after listening to it, this is different enough and sung much better. 2. I knew Kara was going to substitute praise for scolding. Instead of saying it was great, she took the time to complain that he didn't do this for "Apologize." She's the worst. She needs an entry in Dickipedia

Adam Lambert - "Cryin'" - Remember that thing I said about tanking the second song and still getting in the Finals? Well, he set out to prove that theory. Wow, this was a mess. The background singer was ruining it even more than Adam was. I kinda miss his first song now. Truthfully, I know I've been anti-Adam from the beginning but this felt like his worst night. I still think he deserves the Finals based on his overall oeuvre.

Final Thoughts: Adam is safe no matter what. Simon ensured it by urging people to vote for him and not assume he's there. Sometimes I like to asskararandy. (Think about it.) That leaves Danny and Kris. Based on how easily my wife was getting through on Kris' lines, it doesn't look good. I don't understand how Danny could be so immune to criticism all season. It doesn't make sense. Is he a good singer? Yes. Does he make the songs his own? Not really. If this was Season 1, Danny would coast to the Finals but American Idol has evolved into a musical talent and singing competition. You still need to be able to sing but you have to bring more like Kris does. Unfortunately, it looks like Kris is done bringing it. It appears it's already been broughten. Sigh.

Going Home: Kris Allen

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jim said...

Hey Tor I just looked at a Yahoo poll of 40,000+ on who would go home tonight.
35% said Adam, 32% said Kris, 27% said Danny. This could be a surprise but I think Kris is gone.
However, you saw what happened last week to Allison so Adam may not be safe. Course 40,000 is a small poll compared to the actual voters.
P.S. Good blog too!! You ROCK !!!