Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tor Vs. Z100 (Part 1?)

Everyone knows of my masterpiece, Butterface. If you don't, shame on you. Go watch it now. I got a YouTube comment yesterday morning stating that they heard my parody mentioned on Z100, the New York station. I tried to get more information from the commenter but that person has not written me back to this point. I even emailed Z100 to find out more. What I have since found out is they played a parody of Lady GaGa's Poker Face called "Buttaface" (awful spelling) that was not mine. I got the following email from the radio station this morning:

I just received your email and wanted to respond to you as soon as I could. I wanted to let you know that it was not in fact your parody on Z100. I am the Executive Producer for the Elvis Duran Morning Show and I write the parodies for the show since 1998

We played my parody Butta Face. To this point I have not heard yours and I am sure it is funny but I didn't want you to be disappointed if you tuned in and heard my song. Butta Face is an obvious parody of this sone
 [sic] so it doesn't surprise me that more than one Comedy writer came up with it. I have also written Pimple Face to the original as well.

Again, I am sorry for any confusion.

David Brody
Executive Producer
Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
While it was great for them to write me back, I felt the need to respond:

Thank you for getting back to me. It would have been really cool if it was mine but someone already broke the news to me on Facebook later in the day. Your email is pretty funny. Let's look at "Butta Face is an obvious parody of the song so it doesn't surprise me that more than one Comedy writer came up with it." Can't we give ourselves more credit than that? Maybe it's not that obvious. You have been trained too much to handle things with the legal implications in mind. Did you think I was going to seek legal council* over a song I put on youtube for free even if I thought you stole it? I guess that just makes me sad for the state of the world that you have to write like that. You probably don't even notice. Anyway, I really do appreciate you getting back to me. I think Butta Face is much better than Pimple Face (kinda makes me cringe). Take care and never steal one of my ideas again! Ever! My wife is a lawyer, more powerful than Jacoby, Meyers, and Roni Deutch combined. Tell Mr. Leonard I said hi.

Kevin Tor
If Z100 wants a one-sided word battle that they know nothing about due to my lack of readership, then it is on! I'm coming after them with guns filled with written words. There is no end to what I can write. Pimple Face? Really? Oof. (That was just a small example of the assault.)

Stay tuned, reader(s). It's gonna be a (metaphorical) blood bath.

* I should have had my wife spell check this first.


Evanjm02 said...

Fight the power. Fight, fight the power!

Exit56 said...

You should bring your parody to the new (awful) K-Rock or wtfever they are calling themselves...

Franke said...

No need to spellcheck with the wife. "Legal council" makes it sound like you have a whole team of lawyers.

Maryssa said...

Have you heard "Butta Face" I wonder if the similarities end at the title. I doubt it. Your's still kicks but.

jim said...

Kevin kick that "Butta Face" "Butta AZZ"

kayce. said...

oh snap, z100! you just got SERVED!

is it a coincidence that my captcha code for this comment is "stomped"? i don't think so.