Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Idol - Top 11 (Part 2)

I don't understand the public. Let's get right to it. I don't want to think about this more than I have to.


Allison Iraheta - Let me begin by saying, "WHAT??" She wasn't her usual stellar but she doesn't deserve to go home. She shouldn't even be scared of going home until the Top 5. Fortunately, she was safe and sent back immediately. America, send home people that can't sing the alphabet or a phone book.

Michael Sarver - Is becoming a down home country boy or girl the way to go if you want to stay in this competition? Does no one remember that he got this far by impressing the judges with his soulful R&B skills? Now, he's the newest contestant on (Screw Motown I Want To Be A) Nashville Star? Apparently, nice guy's finish second to last. He's the weakest singer in this competition (it's close with him and Scott). He should go home. Alas, he did not.

Alexis Grace - The judges said she was one of the ones they talked about using the "Judge's Save" on. Unfortunately for Alexis, even I agree that it's too early to use it. I give her so much credit though. She sang for her life. Even the notes she missed were full of passion. This was a huge mistake. She will go down with Sabrina Sloan, Nadia Turner, and Kimberly Caldwell in the Idols who left too soon category. (I left off people who made it to the Top 5. We all know Chris Daughtry and Tamyra Gray left too soon.)

Final thought: Scott MacIntyre does not belong in the competition anymore. I'm sure it's a thrill for him but some of the notes he hits sound like he is hearing impaired and not vision impaired. If he could see, he would have been voted off last week. This is not Disabled Pianist Idol. Tonight was garbage and Alexis deserved better.

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jim said...

Tor you are absolutely right, Scott and Michael don't belong in this competition at this point. WTF !
Are the American Idol viewers crazy? I think so !!