Friday, March 27, 2009

American Idol - Top 10 (Part 2)

Someone got voted off American Idol last night in addition to the sweatiness, creepiness, and awesomeness but let's start with those: 

Sweatiness: Ruben Studdard always looks like the guy who is having a heart attack but is going to smile and play it off like nothing is wrong. I fast forwarded but the parts I stopped on sounded nice.

Creepiness: Smokey Robinson looked like a real old man in hot pursuit of Joss Stone. He just needed to wheeze, "I'm comin' to getcha" as he waddled towards her and security would have been necessary. And his dreamy eyes were reminiscent of Michael Jackson before he changed (in the Thriller video not in real life).

Awesomeness: Stevie Wonder can still rock at whatever age he's at. The older he gets, the more he looks like the Super Orc from Lord of The Rings but that doesn't mean that Orc can't party. He is one of the greats and it was really cool to see the Idol contestants make fools of themselves fawning over him on stage. I would have. Did I see repeated Wayne's World "We're not worthy" gestures from Anoop, Lil, and Kqwriss? I think I did.


Matt Giraud - He should not be in the Bottom 3. He was one of the tops of the night and gave his best performance since "Georgia" in Hollywood Week. Fortunately, he did not go home. I'm not sure if I like him yet but he's too good to find himself in this position.

Scott MacIntyre - I didn't think he was going home but at least America is starting to send him there. This was an important first step in his eventual booting (Next week? Hmm?). It's not fair to him to be ripped apart by the judges. Have mercy on him. He's on the tour. That should be enough.

Michael Sarver - I feel like he's a better singer than Scott but he is not going to win like Simon said. This was the end for Michael and he left with the dignity and humor that got him this far. In fact, I thought his farewell performance of "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" was the best he's been in a while. I also liked how he told Lil she was fine before Ryan did and how he pointed at Matt for the guy who shouldn't be in the Bottom 3. The best part is that you could tell he meant it.  Part of me wishes he could hang out every week and just not sing.

Final Thought: I was partially hoping Lil would get in the Bottom 3 to scare her into upping her game but when it was between her and Michael, I stopped rooting for that. It was good to see Allison get the broken Windows treatment. (She got rebooted in Safe Mode? Yeah, that wasn't that good.) Spiggles is around for another week so hopefully she'll pick a good song and not go down in flames. See you next week.

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