Thursday, March 12, 2009

American Idol - Top 13 (Part 2)

Idol has a new rule. The judges get one "save" for the entire season. If someone gets voted off that they think should remain in the competition, they can save them and bring them back for another week. So really what's the point of voting?

The first 30 minutes are so enjoyable in fast forward. I don't know what song they did for a medley but it looked compelling.

Kanye West was on the show. I can say it occurred on my TV screen. 

Kelly Clarkson was also on and looked terrible. She put on some weight but that wasn't the problem. The problem was they dressed her in clothes that said, "I don't want you to think I put on weight." They could have put a sandwich board on her that read, "Now with 15 more pounds of Clarkson for you to enjoy!" Come on, stylists. She's still attractive. How about a dress?

Voted Off

Jasmine Murray - Mo'Nique with an eating disorder is going home. I can't make that joke anymore. I think I'm more sad to see that go than her. Her resemblance will be missed. The judges had no interest in bringing her back. It's probably for the best.

Jorge Nunez - It's a shame because he is talented. I actually thought he sung the song better tonight than last night but the judges only get one save and they aren't going to use it on Jorge. He's fine though. FOX read my earlier blog and is in talks to have him on the business end of a Jack Bauer pistol whip in Season 8 of 24. Looking forward to that.

Looking back at Part 1, I seem to be awesome at picking the departures. Tune in next week when I get it completely right again. (Because I'm awesome.)


jim said...

Yup TOR you are the best and should be the guest judge and sit on Paula's lap !!! What a guy !!
Til next week. O by the way do you have a final 4 yet?

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