Monday, March 23, 2009

Reviewing Adventureland Today

After some intense, Twitter-related begging, I was able to get The Apiary to allow me to attend a sneak peek of Adventureland and write a review for their site. The screening is today at 4pm and I cannot wait. I'm a huge fan of pretty much everyone involved. Those I am not a fan of, you know who you are.

In anticipation of the movie, I thought I would create a list of the things I'm hoping to see in the movie.
  1. Nick Nolte as some sort of electricity monster.
  2. Bill Hader doing Al Pacino (not an impression, though it would definitely make one).
  3. Skulls made out of fine crystal.
  4. A stalled ferris wheel with an awkward guy and the hot girl he's in love with trapped at the top.
  5. Someone going beyond the acceptable level of retard.
  6. A cameo by Robert Pattinson as the dunk tank vampire clown.
  7. A little girl doing a voice over of the "Now I lay me down to sleep" poem.
  8. Wiig and Stewart Jello wrestle for the award of "Best Kristen."
  9. The pirate story from the "Adventureland" graphic novel.
  10. McLovin shows up with Seth and Evan and the movie forgets all about the amusement park and becomes about Seth and Evan dealing with going back to college for their sophomore year and will they still be good friends by the next summer while McLovin is hilariously squeaky.
If just six of those come to pass, I'll be writing a glowing review. I'll post a link to the review tomorrow.

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