Monday, January 5, 2009

Marley And Me 2

I'm really happy they asked me to write the sequel to the hit winter movie and I'm super psyched to be able to share what I've done so far with you.

Kevin's Note - In all seriousness, this may be the most offensive video I've ever produced. That's saying something considering the comments I usually get.


JPB said...

I sent this to my parents last night. My 65 year old Mom just sent me an EMail: "Listen, where can I find those other Kevin Tor videos that cracked you and Brad up?" (Betty Crocker Kid, Sprint Fios Kid)

So, I called her to explain the YouTubes.

She interrupted me and said, "Listen. That 'Marley and Me 2' video make me laugh so hard I really did wet my pants. And then I showed it to Dad and he did the same thing."

So, thanks for that.

JPB said...

Ok, JPB can't spell; make=made

But it would be funny if my Mom talked like that.

Kevin Tor said...

My mom did not like the video so I'll take the loss of control.

Anonymous said...

ur a sad case... grow up

polkadot monkey said...

This is the mom of JPB here. I was
watching the Superbowl and had to
take a little break. Watched Marley and Me 2, yet again. CRACKS
me up every time. You are a little
sick, yep, but hilarious. Don't you hate the "anonymous" comments?
You are so NOT a "sad case," and I
hope you will never "grow up."

Kevin Tor said...

Thanks, JPB's mom! I don't plan on growing up. If I haven't by 30, what's the point?