Thursday, January 15, 2009

NoBuddies - The Pilot (Episode 1)

Last year, I met some great people while taking an improv class at UCB. We decided to make a web series and after months of working out schedules and filming a total of 9 episodes so far, we are proud to put out the pilot episode. The first two episodes are going to be longer (8-10 minutes) but the rest of them will be perfect for the short attention span internet crowd (4-5 minutes). I hope you'll tune in for what is going to be a great series. I promise.

You can watch it below in low quality or go here and click watch in high quality under the video.

This is the first episode of a show about two struggling actors, a lazy comedian, and the accountant that they live with. It's time to meet everyone.

Gray - Sean McCormack
Cal - Kevin Tor
Bill - William Franke
Girl - Sue White

Directed by William Franke
Written by Kevin Tor

Music - "Flow is Special" by rokamic (ccMixter)

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