Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Would Have Gone With Steeler McSteelerton

The mayor of Pittsburgh is legally changing his name from Luke Ravenstahl to Luke Steelerstahl for Sunday's game between the Steelers and the Ravens. He said he wanted "to eliminate the Ravens just as the Steelers will on Sunday." I can't express how much I love this. Normally mayors bet each other that the loser has to wear the winning team's jersey to work on Monday but this raises the stakes. What can the Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon possibly do? I think she should get one of those old school Bell Biv Devoe fades and buzz a raven picking at a dead steelworker's carcass. That would be sweet and different for a government official.

Sure it's original but it's not crazy enough.

Because of the mayor's awesomeness, I have decided to back the Steelers the rest of the way. My Giants are out and I can't take Philly winning a World Series AND a Super Bowl so let's go Steelers! And, to show my support, let me offer one of my favorite Steelers-related videos. Enjoy.


JPB said...

Christ with his hand up a puppet, this is hilarious. Really, really hilarious. My Dad's from Pitt and I am sending him this post toot sweet.

Kevin Tor said...

That mayor is so cool and you can't go wrong with football savvy muppets.