Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tor's Product Review: Lady Time, All The Time

Remember this old fight from freshman year of high school:

Girl 1
I hate you!

Girl 2
I hate you more!

Girl 1
I wish you had your period always!

Girl 2
Oh yeah? Well, I wish you had your period one!

Girl 1
I wish you had your period always...infinity!

Good times. Always remembers that fight too and came up with...

Always Infinity. As Adam Sandler's character Barry once said in an SNL sketch, "Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?" I think a woman wants nothing more than to think about that time of the month becoming the length of that month and every other month after that. Then the response to "What are you, on the rag?" can be "Well, I'm a woman between puberty and menopause, aren't I? So, I guess the answer is yes." Here's your period...FOREVER! Was "Always And For The Rest Of Your Miserable, Cranky, Bloated, Uncomfortable Life" taken? Wow. 

Well done, Always.

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H. Alan Scott said...

hilarious! i think i need a maxipad.