Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bringing Nolte Back

Nick Nolte's house caught fire the other night and I immediately saw the following picture in my mind:

It's so unfortunate. This mugshot has become the definitive image of Nick Nolte. This man has been so much more to our culture than this but when someone says the name Nick Nolte to you, you picture the mugshot. I want more for Nick Nolte. The man is a two-time Academy Award nominee. He made us believe that someone can be attracted to Barbara Streisand. He took down De Niro twice in the same movie. He gave us 48 Hours and then we wanted more than those so he gave us 48 more. The man gives and nobody gives back. You know who's one of the only people doing his part to make Nick Nolte's life better? Gary Busey. Nick Nolte is aging crazy, meaning the older he gets, the crazier he looks. So if you had put Nick Nolte in age progression software ten years ago, he would look exactly like Gary Busey today but no. Busey made sure it didn't happen. He looks like he had the same Amy Fisher makeover that Mary Jo Buttafuoco signed up for.

Thanks, Gary Busey, for being there for Nick Nolte, the way we all should. I want to live in a world where people think of the following Nick Nolte and not the mugshot. The man deserves it.

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