Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Called Goosey Night

All of my life, the night before Halloween was known as "Goosey Night," which is fine when you're in your little suburban New Jersey bubble. Venture outside of this bubble and the laughs begin. Let me take you back to my first October 30th at college:

Wanna do anything tonight?

I don't really do anything on Goosey Night.


Goosey Night. The night before Halloween.

And then that friend punched me in the face and took my wallet yelling, "It's Mischief Night, sucka what?!?" All I can recall is the sweet falsetto at the end of that "what" before blacking out.

Look, I stand by Goosey Night like I stand by the state it comes from. Now, when people ask me what I'm doing for Mischief Night, I yell "Don't you mean Goosey Night?!?" and punch them in the face before they know what's happening. It's called Paying It Forward. 

According to definition number 7 at Urban, "Goosey" is a "Texas word for sex." Sounds pretty good to me. A whole lot better than Mischief Night. What would you rather partake in? Mischief or Texas Sex? Seriously, think about all the things you can do with a partner when there are spurs, six shooters, Stetsons, and Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders involved.

Still not convinced? That's ok. You Mischief Night-ers may never see eye-to-eye with us on Goosey Night but I think we can all agree that the dumbest name would have to be "Cabbage Night." What the hell is that about?


Sara Benincasa said...


Kevin Tor said...

You're from Jersey. It's time to start acting like it, SaBen. You've changed since you went to Germany.

Kambri said...

Gives new meaning to the phrase "Loosey Goosey".

Francesco Marciuliano said...

I'm now spearheading the movement to dub at least one night "Cabbage Night." I'm sensing it will involve a lot of coleslaw...and knifings. And maybe some sort of elf or bunny bringing gifts...only to get knifed.

Yes, I think it's all coming together quite nicely...