Thursday, May 6, 2010

American Idol Season 9 - Top 5 (Elimination)

And then there were 2.

Wait, I got ahead of myself. Big Mike and Casey are still around. I advanced the show to its logical conclusion before the producers got to do it. Think I'm being silly, though? How much were Big Mike and Aaron involved in the Ford commercial or the medleys? Not much. The judges are so pro-Lee that they haven't commented on his pitch problems since pre-Top 12. I've read many American Idol blogs talking about his pitch problems. I don't claim to know about singing in tune. However, I did hear a bad note or two when I rewatched this week's show. Still, they want him in the finals and Crystal too. No amount of love for Big Mike is going to change that or shots of Casey's butt for that matter.

There was no Bottom 3 this week.

Bottom 2:

Big Mike - The voting public must love pork because that's the only way to explain how this ham has made it this far. He will have another week of Randy praising him and America not voting for him. It really bothers me how much joy his wife shows in his survival while someone else's dream is shattered. I swear significant others in the past have shown much more subtlety in their celebrations of earning another week. Though, I wouldn't expect Big Mike to marry someone who is subtle. That's like a bear marrying an unsubtle bear.

Aaron Kelly - I never liked him but he's in the right place for Idol losers - country. If you don't win Idol, it is best to go country. This isn't a knock on the type of music but former Idol contestants have found solid careers in country music.
  1. Kelly Pickler - She has won actual awards!?!?
  2. Josh Gracin - He was the marine.
  3. Bucky Covington - He was not very good but he's apparently good now!
  4. Phil Stacey - Bet you never thought you'd see his lemur-like face again.
  5. Kristy Lee Cook - She's got some looks to her...
  6. Danny Gokey - Really??
Final Thoughts: We are a week away from getting to hear Lee and Crystal sing twice. That's something to look forward to. I have no other thoughts other than the fact that I love Lady Gaga. For me, for you, this wasn't her best performance but I'm still a fan. She just entertains. She can sing the phone book or monotone speak the phone book. It doesn't matter. I love when she takes the stage. I wish she would mentor. Maybe next season.


jim said...

Kevin Spot on with your comments. I get a chance to be entertained by Lady Gaga in September. Can't wait. BTW I think this will be the last year for IDOL. They haven't been getting good talent, they have had bad theme's picked by the show producers, some judge's comments attempt to sway viewers votes, it's no longer a contest, it's a popularity show and a large number of viewers have left for better things! And of course Simon will be gone too!

The Katzbox said...

I haven't watched one episode of Idol this season. After last season, I just couldn't muster the energy to do it. Adam took everything I had.

Danny Gokey went country? For real? With that smokey voice of his? That seems a waste...

We need a show called, "People Are FUNNY!" and highlight good video and stand up that people are producing...get on that, would ja?

Justin said...

Well, I do not actually imagine it may work.
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