Monday, November 24, 2008

Tor's Product Review: Sears Vs. Women's Movement

What do feminism and MC Skat Kat have in common? They both took two steps back. (I'm really proud of that one.) How did feminism take a step back you ask? Check out this ad I found in the Sears catalog:

Would you look at that? This holiday season you can give that special lady in your life "the laundry center she's always dreamed of!" Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and the President that Geena Davis played must be rolling over in their graves. Seriously, that's nowhere near the laundry center any of those fine women always dreamed of. Their dream laundry center would be so much more fun. It would come in pink with lots of sparkles all over. When either machine is running,  D'Angelo or David Cassidy would play. Every load of laundry (depending on size) that they complete would result in the dryer dispensing a certain amount of tickets like a skee ball game at the boardwalk. Then, they could trade in the tickets for the right to vote in an upcoming local election or the ability to eat in public. Doesn't that seem much better than the laundry center in the picture? C'mon, Sears, use your imagination.

Turns out they did:
Look how happy she is with her First Kenmore Stove and First Kenmore Fridge. Just adorable. Hey, I have an idea: If you buy the stove and fridge together, why not throw in an arm that she can use to smack herself in the face when she doesn't finish pretend dinner on time?
Wow, Sears. Wow.

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