Thursday, November 6, 2008


The following video was a finalist at the UCB Web Video Cram-Off and therefore aired as part of the New York Comedy Festival which is pretty frakkin' cool. You had one week based on the suggestion word "bait" to write, shoot, and edit a sketch. I'd like to thank Morgan Venticinque and Chris Sifflet for being in it as well as myself for writing it.

While this video is a loser, there is still room for it in my heart but it's towards the back of my heart where that slight weakness in the wall is that the doctors wouldn't detect even with a thorough heart examination* and which will kill me early.

* "A thorough heart examination involves removing the heart from the chestal cavity and looking all around it through those fancy magnification glasses that surgeons like to wear when they are doing tiny work." - American Journal of Medicine

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