Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tor's Bad Jokes: 10/15/09

Q: Where does the Pope get his jewelry from?
A: Pontiffany's

Q: What does a communist put in his refrigerator to keep it smelling fresh?
A: Arm & Hammer & Sickle

Q: What did Elvis name his vineyard?
A: Grapesland

Q: How do skunks get on the internet?
A: With a com-pee-yew-ter (or a newer model smell phone)

Q: How does the engaged car go?
A: Groom groom

Q: What did the doctor diagnose Robert Langdon with when he came in all congested?
A: The DaVinci Cold

Q: What's the movie where the secretary from "Ferris Bueller" and the neighbor from "Hogan's Family" work in a convenience store?
A: Edie McClerks

Q: Why did the male leafy vegetable break up with the female leafy vegetable?
A: Because she was being a cabbitch.

Q: Why did the actor who played Dracula not have any rooting interest in the Olympics?
A: Because there's no country for Oldman.

Q: What do you call a rodent that's really into David Bowie?
A: Glamster

1 comment:

jim said...

Boy you are on Tor !!
I love leafy vagetables ,Cabbitch !!
And the skunk, com-pee-yew-ter!!
Course the rest are funny too!!LOL!