Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 (Part 2)

I feel empty after last night's results show. On the one hand, I got the Bottom 3 correct (though it was easy). On the other hand, we still have seven contestants. The show started off with the Idol medley of "Maniac" from "Flashdance." I did not enjoy it at all. For me, "Maniac" is one of those untouchable songs because no one will ever do it as well as Chris Farley. Anyway, on to the results:


Anoop Desai - Like he said on the show, it's not up to the judges or him to say whether his performance was good enough to be safe. America is not a big fan of Anoop. He has put in two great performances in a row and gotten Bottom 3 status each time. He will be lucky to crack the Top 5. Still nothing to sneeze at. I mean, I'd sneeze at it but I hold myself to higher standards. 

Lil Rounds - I thought she was going home but she was not the lowest vote getter. This means Simon will actually set her on fire next week after she's done singing. Part of me thinks she's ready for it though. She seems to be carrying a lot of supplies in the back of her pants. Hopefully amidst all of that junk, there's a fire extinguisher.

Matt Giraud - He was the lowest vote getter and sang worse than the previous night. How could he not? He was away from his comfort instrument and had his Idol fate on the line. Simon said to him that he doesn't think he can win the competition and then proceeded to use the Judges' Save on him. What? You don't have to use it, judges. Do they know that? Why would you waste it on someone that you don't think can win it all? That's like landing on $5000 and giving Pat Sajak your Free Spin. It doesn't make any sense. Sure Matt was happy and crying. He should be. Now he has to go through the process of getting voted off again next week.

Final Thought: So there will be two contestants voted off next week. I predict Lil and Matt will be those two. I don't see how another week saves them. Truthfully, that would leave the best five. Disco week should be fun. I can't wait to hear Adam do "Don't Leave Me This Way" or even better, "Disco Duck."


Jen said...

Ok, I haven't watched this season at all. But I kept hearing about "Adam," so I YouTubed Tuesday night's performance. I love his voice. Am I the only one who wants him to ditch whatever "look" he's going for (Emo??) and just be his natural old self? Cuz, with that voice, he don't need no gimmick, yo.

jim said...

You are right Tor, Lil and Matt but possibly Anoop.Songs for next week:
Anoop singing "Get Down Tonight."
, Matt "Stayin' Alive", Lil " I Love the Night Life", Danny "You Should be Dancing"
Allison "Dancing Queen", Kris " That's the Why I Like It", and of course Adam "Shake Your Booty"
Ya think!! LOL

Kevin Tor said...

I hope Adam gets voted off next week in a shocker and the judges have to deal with the fact that they used the Save too soon.

jim said...

LOL! That would be funny but.....
never happen me thinks.